5 Tips And Tricks To Gain A Competitive Edge In Digital Marketing In 2022

How do you define digital marketing? It’s the advertisement of products to connect with users via the internet using smart devices. This marketing can take different forms including the use of social media posts.

Developments in digital marketing have been moving at a very high speed. During the pandemic, marketers had no choice but to embrace digital transformation. However, since the world is slowly going back on its feet, some businesses saw slumps in virtual engagement. And, the online traffic enjoyed during the pandemic has declined.

Keeping up with these changes isn’t easy for marketers. But you have no choice if you’re to succeed in a fast-paced marketing world. Keeping up with the developments will also help in maintaining a sense of relevance with your audience.

Tips and Tricks to Help You Gain a Competitive Edge

The new year has already settled. And as such, you must align your marketing ideas with digital marketing trends.

Developments in digital marketing are happening faster than the virus that put the world’s economy on a slowdown. We may not predict the future, but market trends can help to show us what the future holds. To succeed in business, here are the tips and tricks you must use.

Research Your Audience

Making assumptions is wrong in the digital marketing landscape. Keep in mind that much of what you must know about your target audience is available.

Having the right tools makes it easy for marketers while researching their target audience. Also, different social media platforms attract different audiences. Take the current social media demographics, for instance. The numbers will show you which platforms to approach for which content.

The following are the key things to note for your social media marketing in 2022:

Women outnumber men on Pinterest. This is said to boast the highest average order value for clients.

The user base on LinkedIn is well-educated. This makes the platform a hub for in-depth, industry-specific content.

YouTube is one of the primary platforms for ads. This is because of its high-earning user base.

Avoid spreading yourself too thin. Rather, focus on the networks where your audience is already active.

Using Proxies

Proxies are one of the most used tools in digital marketing today. This tool provides a wide range of services for eCommerce stores, from client market research and data protection to procuring supplies.

With client research, viable proxies allow you to scrape the web without being banned. This way, you can gain the client information needed for your marketing plans.

Every eCommerce brand is worried about cyber threats. That’s because a data breach is costly as it can cause monetary loss and damage to brand reputation.

Proxies reduce any chances of a breach. They do this by adding an additional layer of security between your servers and outside traffic. Filtered traffic can also help you create a faster and more responsive website.

On the other hand, proxies are useful for securing supplies. This benefit can be observed especially in using a sneaker reselling proxy. The sneaker collecting industry is one of the most thriving markets today. Collectors and resellers compete to secure the latest trendy pieces. Using proxies during collection drops prevents individuals from getting banned and helps them successfully secure a pair.

Video Marketing

Video has emerged as one of the top mediums of choice in marketing. That’s because we’re cognitive misers. Thus, we don’t like spending a lot of mental energy consuming information that’s not important. So we look for efficient ways to take in information and exclude what’s unnecessary.

According to statistics, 60 percent of businesses use video in their marketing. 74 percent of marketers say that compared to static images, video has better ROI. But video marketing need not be limited to YouTube.

Your video marketing can also drive higher engagement in many other ways. Making a video post or live broadcast on Instagram, Facebook, or LinkedIn, for instance, can help you promote your business.

Your existing content can be repurposed and republished through video marketing. You can even make a video out of a content piece such as a blog post. As an alternative, you can upload a video to your website by:

Writing an article based on the transcription. You can improve your rankings by embedding a YouTube video.

You can, for example, submit a raw video with transcription as subtitles to Facebook.

You can use the audio portion as one of your podcast episodes by ripping it.

Use of Artificial Intelligence

Developments in AI have led to more intuitive reporting in the recent past. It has also led to automatic general marketing tasks such as monitoring a site’s traffic.

But how do we stop focusing on the gains of AI? Let’s look into the future and how AI impacts digital marketing. As the technology progresses, so do its capabilities. Moving from automated tasks to predicting what clients are likely to need.

AI is capable of analyzing more data much faster than humans. It can take large data sets and analyze the purchasing history and clients’ behavior. It can then suggest a specific item or offer. Alternatively, it can choose to personalize an advertisement.

Using AI to predict your clients’ next move means targeting them with your product when they need it. This targeting leads to high conversion rates. And, the sense that you know your clients and their needs. The technology allows you to do this without being intrusive.

Live Stream Shopping

This is a fairly new idea in the western world. But it’s common and extremely popular in China. In 2020, 309 million internet users in China turned to live streaming e-commerce. This is roughly a third of China’s population on the internet.

Two early adopter brands in the US, Levi’s and Tommy Hilfiger plan to start live stream shopping events. Instagram, Facebook, and Amazon are also in the process of making live stream shopping a reality.

As stated earlier, live streams are still new. For that reason, McKinsey recommends that you start with infrequent streams. You can focus on about five products and rely on TikTok, Instagram, Amazon, or Facebook live.

You can later on move to a dedicated in-house team to plan and develop content for live streams. This can include storylines, scripts, and hosts or influencers. You can then get them to broadcast across multiple platforms.

Final Take Away

There you have it. Some tips and tricks to help you gain a competitive edge in digital marketing. If you’re into digital marketing, note that change is a crucial part of the job.

Your marketing team must keep looking ahead and strive to adopt new technologies. Look out for the tools and strategies that will help to keep you ahead of the competition.

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Daniel Martin loves building winning content teams. Over the past few years, he has built high-performance teams that have produced engaging content enjoyed by millions of users. After working in the Aviation industry for 9 years, today Dani applies his international team-building experience in LinkDoctor to assist in solving his client’s challenges. Dani also enjoys photography and playing the carrom board.

great tips, thanks for sharing! using influencers to promote our product can help too. Also when we have young audience learning tiktok marketing is a must…

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This is something that most users don’t pay attention to and just offer their services to everybody. Like, you won’t offer shampoo to someone who does not have hair, right?

Knowing your audience first makes the job halfway done :wink:

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I 100% agree, that understanding target marketing is the first important step, to be able to focus on doing internet marketing, first, you must know who the desired marketing target is. For the new business, the first thing to do is focus on brand awareness. Then by having a clear target, the promotional methods used will be more effective.


Something us men are probably not excited that much :frowning: jokes aside, very up to date content and interesting tips. Thanks for sharing :pray:

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