6+ millions total views and a couple thousands of monthly views but not converting into subscribers?

Hello guys,

i’ve been playing with youtube Seo in the last 2 years, putting tons of keywords in the videos descriptions, mostly using copyrighted content, so my channels are not monetized, i have 3 viral videos with 2m+ views each, and some other videos with thousands of views, but as the title says, views are not converting into subsribers, why people are not subscribing if they are watching and what can i do to convert the views into more subscribers thanks!

Hey, are you using Jarvee or? Not sure if you have seen this already, it may help you…

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it has nothing to do with Jarvee, just having a couple of channels, i edit some copyrighted videos from shows and movies, do some great seo in the description and add a clickbait thumnail and that’s it, everything is manual, but thank you i’ll take a look at the thread you shared with me.

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Gotcha, then you could mirror the suggestions outlined in the link above and just do all that manually if u up to spending the time to do so

What’s the incentive for people subscribe anyways? It takes me a while too to subscribe even if i like the content

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Weekly well chosen clips of their favorite shows, which probably they couldn’t afford to watch but they know about them and crawl youtube to watch video clips about these shows, YouTube channels in these niches do have a lot of views and subs, true they can’t be monetized by adsense but you can use them to sell own merch or affiliate program or just sell the channel itself when it has 10k+ followers. I used to do another trick 5 years ago, I live streamed some copyrighted stuff and this helps getting a lot of subs fast and later i sold channels with 10k real subs of tier 1 countries subs 300$ each,but can’t do that nowadays so i started testing this seo stuff, and as I said, i get views from this but not enough subs.

Are you asking people to like, subscribe and hit the notification bell ?

Also, do you use the auto confirmation url? Article here: https://medium.com/@AndrewLeeReal/how-to-get-more-youtube-subscribers-by-making-a-channel-subscribe-link-90742f43e944

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exactly this. I spend too many hours on YT to admit I have a problem lol. I watch many creators with great personalities and entertaining content but I don’t subscribe to all of them, some of them I watch for months and months on and off and I’m still not subscribed.


Not sure tbh, there’s so much good content there lol. I found that the ones I do subscribe to - often encourage me to do it to support a good cause (emotional incentive) or say something stupid/funny to again get that emotional response. Lastly, a ‘tribe’ feeling like pewdiepie bros or greg doucette’s morons army is a big one too.

Maybe just see the fastest growing channels in the niche and see what they do? Or try to get those emotional responses from people who watch it?


This. Period.

I recognize myself in this

I do that as a watermark text in the videos, and it does bring a couple of followers each day but not enough, the same texts was bringing a lot more subs when I used to live stream.

Problem fixed ! i started adding popups and water marks everywhere to like and subscribe to my channel and now i’m getting organically 100-300 new subscribers a day, it’s funny how telling people to subscribe continously actually work since if you don’t they will just watch and leave haha