🔴 How to: Get subscribers, views and clients via Youtube

Hello people of MPSocial :smiley:

It’s me again, bringing you another (hopefully) useful piece of info. This time I’ll focus on:

How to use Jarvee for Youtube

or better said How I use Jarvee for Youtube to get views, YT subscribers and clients.

I’m doing this for about 1 month, with just one niche and with just one account because I’m pretty busy with a lot of different tasks.

Anyway, I do this for all of us - testing, trying to find new methods on how you could use automation, get more clients, and make more money, whatever your goal is.

You probably noticed all my methods are mostly blackhat. This one is not an exception :sunglasses: so use it on your own risk :smiley:

Let’s start

Since a lot of you here are into Instagram and offering IG growth services, I’ll explain the method by taking Instagram growth niche as example.

What you need

  • Main Youtube account - the one where you’ll upload videos - an old one, good account if possible.
  • More Youtube account/s - more you have, you’ll be able to scale it up more. Of course, like with every other social network, the older account is, the more trust it has, so try to get old ones.
  • Proxies - If you’ll use more accounts, you’ll need more IPs, therefore, get some private proxies.
  • Jarvee, of course. If you find full Jarvee version expensive, then you can go for cheaper version made for Youtube only, here’s the link:
    Youtube PRO by Jarvee

Creating your channel

Since you’re offering Instagram Growth Service, you’ll need a nice looking Youtube channel, use a name for it that will reflect what you do.

Add some info about your business, how you do whatever you do, and make a statement, with huge confidence, that nobody’s better at growing Instagram accounts than you are - just like this guy here.

To hell with it, add some stats, fake them, post links to semi-successful IG profiles with 30K-40K followers and say you grew them, it’s not like anyone will be checking it out since niche that we’re targeting (wannabe influencers who need to grow their IG accounts) is probably not aware of tools like Socialblade.

Creating the Youtube video

So, you have your channel on main account ready, now you can create your first videos and upload them. They should be decent explainer videos showing exactly what you can do for your future clients and what you did for current ones.
Length: 80 - 120 seconds, you don’t wanna bother them too much. Our goal is to convert them to clients not to keep them on youtube forever.

Write a nice description for your video, include your keywords, because, who knows, maybe Youtube algorithm decides to rank video/s too :smiley:

When writing a description, make sure your first sentence of description isn’t too long and that it includes link to your service where clients can sign up. After that add some more text because both Youtube and Google like that.

Now the part that I come up with. Made up a hashtag, your own hashtag that nobody on Youtube uses. You’re probably wondering:
“What a hell, who searches for hashtags on youtube?”
Well, most likely, nobody, but keep reading and you’ll see why I’m insisting on it, but first, let me show you how to find hashtag nobody uses and it’s pretty simple. Just go to Youtube and search for hashtag that comes up to your mind first :smiley: make sure it’s related to whatever you’re offering.

If there are no videos under it, take it and put it in your channel description and also at the end of the video description. In this case, I used #growyourigeasily hashtag and none of the videos have it.

Publish your video.

Getting views, subscribers and potential clients to your Youtube video

This is where you’ll start using Jarvee. I assume you already added your other Youtube accounts and verified them, so they are ready for use.

If you want, you can warm them up a little bit with Follow and Watch videos tools, but if you use old accounts, I don’t think it’s necessary.

There’s a bunch of beauty, travel, fashion, fitness vloggers on Youtube that don’t have many subscribers on their channels and logically, they probably don’t have a lot of Instagram followers, so they might be interested in your service. These are the people we are going to target with - Jarvee Youtube Comment tool.

And here’s how we’re gonna do it.

First we’ll write a nice spyntax that we’ll use in order to try to make your comment unique each time when it’s posted and to try to avoid ghosting (which is probably impossible with the number of comments we’ll do). Example of spyntax:

{Hey|Hello|Hi|Hey!|Hello!|Hi!|}, {cool|great|awesome}, {in case|just in case} you {need|want|think you should need} more followers on your Instagram {account|profile}, {check|take a look at} this {➡️|🔛|👉} **#growyourigeasily**

Since we’re targeting beauty, fashion, fitness vloggers we’ll set up Youtube comment tool sources like this:

You got the point, right? We use keywords related to beauty, fitness, fashion.

And settings like this:

Since you set up the tool to comment on short videos that are sorted by rating and uploaded this week, the tool will extract a lot of videos with not that many comments and views, but that’s what we need - people whose youtube videos don’t get a lot of attention. Jarvee will post the comment there and it will look something like this:


Now, you might think this will piss-off channel owners because it’s obviously spam comment, but they don’t get a lot of attention and they appreciate every comment and view.

Also, out of curiosity, they will click on that hashtag. This is what they’ll see:

Youtube search page with only your video there. Of course, they have no other choice then clicking on it and watching the video. You have done 90% of the work now since getting traffic to your video is the hardest part, and we just did it.

If you have a good video and a decent description, they’ll also check your link and hopefully subscribe to your service.

Here are my results:

In one month, with just one account I posted 6300+ comments.
At some point, Youtube will start ghosting your comments, but you should not care about that at all because we don’t need other YT users and video viewers to see it, we just need channel owner to see it and they will even if the comment is ghosted. And these are their reactions:

  • replied to your comment (usually nice replies like “thanks bro”)
  • loves your comment
  • subscribed to your channel…

I got about 900 views on my videos and 40-50 likes (and some dislikes but that’s natural). Most importantly, I got them to click on my link too.

If I scaled it up to 10 or 100 accounts, I would get a lot more.

Anyway, I didn’t.

I didn’t, because my goal is to find a method and post it here for you to read, learn and implement.
Because I care about you, dear MPSocial users (remember my words when you see me running for president or something like that :smiley: )

Hope you like the guide and you’ll make use of it.
#inforthegiveaway (wait, that ended, right?)

Good luck :slight_smile:


great post, if you have any more info about gaining traction on youtube please pm me!!

thanks for the info bro!

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Really great.
It can be use to send traffic on landing pages and more.

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You’re welcome. :slight_smile:
If I find something unique, I’ll surely post it here.

Yeah, there’s a lot of ways to use this, you just gotta be a little bit creative when thinking about niche. I took Instagram growth as an example, but there’s a plenty of other niches that can be used.

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Gold and even more gold!
Never try YouTube and this made me reconsider my options.
Thank You @Adnan

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Very detailed, Thanks very much!

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Thank you @Adnan for sharing. As always very useful content. Cheers!

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Awesome guide! I really like the idea of linking to a hashtag- this is like something that someone would do with CPA in regards to masking links!

I would advise people to really work hard on creating a solid video. Try your best to make your video scream professionalism along with legitimacy. Meaning, try designing a really good thumbnail, fill out your description, etc. To make a good video, try studying some copywriting/sales techniques- this can help you lay out your video so it’s short but effective (Problem - Agitation - Solution).




Plenty of benefits with hashtags, yeah.

  • You can put multiple unique hashtags in your video so you post unique comment each time.
  • It’s less likely you’ll be ghosted when using hashtags instead of links
  • it’s less likely your account will be banned or video taken down.

Yes, it can be used with CPA too and 10s of other stuff if you’re creative and think about it a little bit.

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What kind of proxies did you use for youtube? Datacentre will probably not work?

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Since i used one account, it was on home IP… Not sure how YT will treat datacenter proxies. If someone tries it, please give us feedback.


Thanks for the guide @Adnan ! I’m using Jarvee comments tool too, it does help me gain more subscribers.

This is true. My comments often get liked by the channel owners. i can see the notifications on Youtube app.

I never use hashtag in my comments, so I’m going to give it a try… Hopefully it will work even better :smiley:


Just make sure you put them in your video description too. And that nobody else uses them :slight_smile:
After some while, it’s necessary to start using new hashtag cause people steal it :joy:
I started seeing some other videos under my hashtag, they saw what I’ve been doing and added hashtag to their video… no honor among spammers I guess :smiley:

Great share Adnan, thank you man :pray: :pray:

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hey adnan I wanted to summarize the whole process, Please help me if I am wrong at any point explaining the whole process
So first we need a youtube channel in which we are making the videos (our main youtube channel in which we want subscribers)
then we need some youtube channels (5/6) to comment on other’s people’s videos to check our youtube channel with the #yourchannelname.
just because we are using hashtags instead of links there’s less chance of getting terminated or banned by youtube.
now if they like the videos they will gonna subscribe. is it the whole plan?

Important part, you’ll add hashtag/s to your video and use them in your comments instead of link to your video.

Aside from that, you got it right.

Thank you for the method :+1:

I tested it a couple days but instead of using hashtags I used 10-20 links in spintax and got not a single click. Could it be that links are treated differently than hashtags?

Did you win a client from this method?

Links are definitely treated differently. They very often get hidden. Try looking in incognito modus and see if your comment is there.

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Could be. Hashtags is what is it all about, so try with hashtags.

Thanks so much @Adnan! How many accounts would i be able to run on home ip?