[6 months] Social Media Marketing Business | Strategy


Hi everyone My name is Enes
I am learning about social media, marketing and consulting for over 3 months.
My main goal is creating my own brand. But first I am building my personal brand as trust.

I will write down my strategy if anything wrong or not enough just comment and help me thank you so much already.

My strategy is the first 6 months giving ultimate value to all platforms.

  • Pinterest (25 days old - 350 followers)
  • Facebook Group (2 months old - 125 members)
  • Linkedin (New- I am planning free content- valuable)
  • Medium and Quora accounts
  • Instagram-1 (35 days old -253 followers ) This account about business-investing-finance
    *Instagram Personal Acc (2 years old - 562 followers)
  • Also, I am planning a youtube account.

First of all, I know doing so many things is actually doing everything is unsufficient but guys I know how to manage my time. I already learn time managing so no problem for me.

My monthly expenses are $500 (because of currency rates in my country) I have $4000.

For the next 6 months, I am going to dedicate myself to create my brand. No job no free weekend just work hard with strategy.
I prepared my content for the next 2 weeks. I am going to work free for people who need a social media manager, the content creator just for the testimonials.
After 6 months I will create my own info products, my consulting business, and my dream life.

So guys feel free the say about your thinking. Before I starting my journey. I may miss something so you can warn me.
I am waiting for your contribution also

Thank you for reading and commenting

Have a nice day


Good luck on your journey!

Can you tell us a word or two on how you are growing your Pinterest account and how you plan to approach Quora and Medium?


Good luck bro, I suggest you make a beautiful website with showcases and at least consider linkedin!