7 days after 7 days after

Hi community,

One IG account was with a 7 days block, after it ended Jarvee followed 50 accounts in 12 hrs and a new 7 days was received.

Anyone with similar experience?. We are thinking not to renew the Jarvee subscription. (Jarvee didn’t answer anything yet)

If you need more details just ask and I can share them.

Thanks! :frowning:

Usually I wait another 24-48 hours after the ban has been lifted before doing anything with the bot.
After your ban, your account is very sensitive so it’s important to get things going really carefully and slowly

there is already a topic about that ,almost everyone is having the same issue.
please use the search function before opening new topics . :grinning:


Thanks for useful comment, I will search the entire site and read all topics not to bother you.

@Jay_Grylls I think we will follow your advice, first time we got a block, well now two. Cheers!

Guys after the 7 days block finished yesterday we tried 1-2 likes and follows, manually with he phone, all worked fine. We left the account inactive.
Today after (my mate’s mistake) Jarvee started to follow, 2 follows!!! and account got “compromised account” message, we had to change the password.
We are using EB for every action is this account, API was getting locks all the time.

Now we are very scared to automate it again, what’s your advice?
Regarding Jarvee settings, manually works fine.

Anyway we are not planning to do anything crazy manually.

Thanks people!

PS: Setup: 3 Accounts in Jarvee, no proxies, local computer (win7) at home.
#1 Account 7 days block
#2 Account running with not problems, so far.
#3 Account with the problem described.

I think I was one of the first people having AC wave two weeks ago, here’s what I’ve tested so far:

· In case your account gets 7-day block, you should change your password in your phone and stop every single action in JV.
· You CAN relogin on JV and do over 1,000 story views (JUST STORY VIEWS) within the 7-day-block.

After the block, wait for 2 days or wait till Monday morning to start every action again. I don’t know why but looks like Instagram resets some kind of cookies every Monday.

Disable EB only, enable “Use only API to save Bandwidth”, disable “Optimize API calls”.

Add different intervals in Likes, Comments and Follows. Randomize intervals, use low settings.

It should work :blush:


Thanks for the complete answer, will try it :wink: Nothing to lose at this point.
Have a nice weekend!

Forgot to mention a couple of things,

After the 7-day-block you should:

· Clear your JV cookies
· Reset your Device ID (preferably add your Android Device ID if possible)
· Start with 30-50 actions a day, increase 25-30 each passing day.


Yes that is very important to remember about

You do not get API blocks?
Most of accounts we have work only on EB

Same for me here, that’s why I’m not sure what to do, EB or not EB that is the question. :wink:


Like @syrp said, enable 'Use only API to save bandwitdth ’ and disable ‘Optimise API Calls’
And enable use EB to follow if action blocked.

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Yea, i’m not getting API blocks.

Currently doing over 130 follows a day, 200 likes, 50 comments and over 1,000 story views.

I found that JV EB is super slow, doesn’t look human at all and you get AC.

I’m using LTE Proxies btw.

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I’d go for API only.

Start slow just by enabling Follow module (big delays between actions). Wait a few days, enable Like/Comment module. Make sure your intervals do not match between modules.

Add a few actions every day, increase your trust score.

You’re good to go!

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