A new platform!? Instagram 2.0

Since Instagram is bullshitting everyone and people shouting they need a other platform.
Well lets discuss it here.
I personally would love to work together with some geniusses in this forum ( I know theyre here )
So what function would you like to see?
Do you have any Skills at programming?
Are you serious enough?
Do you want to team up?
Would you volunteer untill money is made?
What problems are we gonna run in to?
What name should it get?
Do we need funding?
How do we get the funding?

A few rules to point out.

If you are just gonna laugh about the ideas in this topic please go, we dont need small minded people.

So feel free to join and share idea’s
If you like a Idea please like it so we can rate the most popular ones.

Maybe we could start something serious here :wink:

Lets start with my Idea.

I was thinking of something with the simplicity of instagram.
But we need better options to connect companys to influencers.
And all the things instagram is doing wrong at the moment, we can do better.


Yeah millions…


So for what are we gonna actually need millions to start something.

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First thing first IG is still working and still going to work ,you just taking it too far!
if you wanna start something I’m not against you bro !think of a different idea ,and will be the first one to register and invite people! don’t target the top can’t compete
we don’t start from the Top!
i remember when i first started working online back in 2009 i had the idea of starting the New facebook but as soon as i did understand how social media sites works i realized that it’s not something for me you need big budgets and you still gonna RISK IT and unless you come up with a new social media Site that has new ideas you will have a small chance than


So every app on the app store has invested millions?
I think there are a lot more ways to create something.

For every problem there are a million solutions.
Just be creative.

What the real question is also if people who are serious enough would volunteer aka INVEST time instead of money to get something running.

Start off small, and create something big is the vision.
Plus there are a lot of ways to get actual funding or investors.

But lets start on making a good whitepaper.

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Yeah a lot, did they start with a lot of employees? i dont think so.
It started with a idea and everything is build from there.

So lets cut this discussion and throw in some idea’s

What if we all together create one genius idea?
I mean we are all in to social media arent we?
We all know things we miss or could be better.

So start throwing idea’s and if youre not in then i dont see any reason for you to make a other reply.


Ofcourse, it costs money.
Im asking people to Invest with their time and skills so we could cut costs until money is made.
If it wont lift off wel yeah. we tried.
Nothing ventured nothing gained.


Im not talking about a clone of instagram.
Im gathering Idea’s and people to create something new.


Sounds interesting ,now i get it bro
well i wish you all the best of luck and I’m keeping an eye on this topic wanna see how it turns out
waiting for peoples Ideas :smiley:
thanks For starting this discussion tho


Yeah maybe the name Instagram 2.0 is misleading.
But the Idea comes from the way instagram is acting at the moment.

I see more and more people craving for something new.
And why would i wait for someone else to start something new.

We got the knowledge, we got the skills…
Now all we need is actual actions.

And its not about this little block wave we are experiencing.
Its also about instagram going backwards since facebook owns it.

Where is the new kid on the block, well we are here.

Impossible doesnt excist in my dictionary.


First things first we should list all the major issues we experiencing with Instagram. We also have to think about how can we solve this problems and still be profitable at the same time.


Too much inauthentic activity (bots) :smirk:


Yeah I hate them :robot:


That sounds great, sir, I applaud your iniciative. Buuut I am afraid that Instagram is still rocking! They have 1kkk users, so I don’t think that they will be dead, even if their update is a shit…

I am still trying to find the new Instagram app, the new social media app, and I wasn’t very lucky… Tiktok is one option, though.

Please, if you want to keep going with your project, tag me in!

The thing is we want to create a new instagram because instagram is not allowing bots and inauthentic activity but this is why normal users use instagram. Imagine a platform where thousands of botters sending dms and mass follow and unfollow. Will any normal person gonna use that platform again? There will be all business people.
I also hate instagram because they don’t mention clear Rules for nudity. They deletes cleavage pics in one account but on the other hand they allows full naked ass of models.


There’s nothing simple about Instagram, really, it isn’t!

Me too, them bastards!

there’s an app called vero, that done what you’re saying. Take a look


Its not about botting or anything.
Its about instagram going for the worst in general.
And we havent seen innovative new platforms for a while now

Love the big thinking, but you got to be practical at the same time.

You are right exact reason why i started this topic.
I want to collect people and start the project