A pledge for a upping the game on automation software

Given that we are under a very different situation regarding automation since may / june 2019, and with Instagram giving us a very hard time with full force, attacking with algo changes almost every week, new and constantly improved AI, banning and punishing many types of automation is time that we step up the game too.

As customers of many automation software we need to start demanding better features and advancements on this 3 key areas:

New and improved ways of IG App emulation and API usage
Randomization features on every type of tool we are using
Invest and hire qualified developers in AI and ML tech

I think we need a very hard rework and rewrite of the the IG app emulation to avoid IG to know from miles that you are using a bot or automation software.

Also, lots of randomization in the usage of the tools, for example, change the follow tool every hour and every day, you just input the maximum number of follows per hour / day and the software takes care of the rest.

I´ve been asking for this a couple of times for the automation software I use and I think we as a community need to push this harder, because many companies are still behaving in the same old way and we need them to improve things in a different way if we want to succeed on this.

I open this topic so we can brainstorm and share ideas on how to make better automation software and we can share our findings with the companies that make them. Thanks.


Even regular users experience certain level of blocks.
I know you want things to go back to pre-june ,but you will just have to accept this moving forward.
How can Software creators improve Instagram IP detection?
You can randomize all you want,no regular person follows more than 10 people per month.


I think is much more complex than that, we need to update our knowledge but the software also needs to evolve. I the automation software you use is leaving fingerprints everywhere is much harder to do it, so we need both things, to keep ourselves informed and to have better software.

There are hundreds of types of IG users, you can´t put them all on a single bag.

This is a multi variable problem, we need to attack it in several ways:

Producing better content
Engaging More
Being smarter
Learning and testing more things
Using better software for automation
Demanding new features on said software

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I think using multilogin.com browsers instead of the current EB would be a good step ahead.

Refactoring the EB to defeate browser fingerprinting as multilogin does from a few years isn’t an option for sure (time, difficulty and $$$ for development).

I think that this is a war that is easier to fight at the browser level instead of the API one.


The war begins first at user who automated level .

That’s half the battle. The other half is better use


I agree on producing better content and using automations in a smart and not too spammy way, but I think the first war is at the fingerprints level. You can have the best content but if IG decides that third party / fake clients aren’t welcome anymore is gameover even before the content.


@DanielAdmin @Adnan sorry for tagging but I think this one is important


You are totally right, you need to learn how to make great content first. If you are posting photos you need to learn how to best create them, editing, color grading and stuff like that. Look for inspiration on other accounts, etc.

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I agree content is key. I’ve grown my personal accounts with no automation at all up to 100k, only through content and networking.
The problem comes with client accounts. Replicating the same work on clients gets way harder, if not impossible, especially at the content level.


So Damn true unfortunately


Theres an app on android that can automate tasks for you. If this could be implemented somehow for Instagram use would be fantastic. Since it replicate finger touch and key pressing. But other problem is how many accs could you manage in same time on one device. But not my field. I also think this could be the best “ban-proof” idea since it fully replicates human usage of application with smartphone.

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This topics pops us every few months.

I still cannot believe that people actually believe that anyone is flying under the radar of a multibillion dollar tech company that has all the internal data about every single account. It literally blows my mind when someone thinks we are somehow making these bot accounts more “human”.

I have very little technical understanding of how things work and I can probably outline 10 different tactics to sniff out if an account is botting or not. Add to that advanced technical knowledge + the internal data that we have no idea how detailed it is and it paints a pretty clear picture - botting is allowed because it serves a purpose.

End of story.

If IG really wanted to prevent us from automating, it will probably take one dev 15 lines of code that he can do in his lunch break to block us all out.

What we do and what “normal” people do are drastically and I do mean drastically different. Normal people will never us DC proxies, or have predictable follow, like, comment, DM behaviors, or never use scroll on what is by default a mobile app, or use backend APIs to do things, or the have the account history that we all do (someone creates it on one device and one email, then sells it, then it passes though a few of these cycles till it ends on a preset amount of Device IDs that I’m sure are somewhat predictable), etc.

Make automation better, so we can all milk IG while it is still hot - hard vote YES.

Delusion ourselves that we are somehow invisible to IG - hard NO.


And to @Alexnvo’s point - if people spend as much time on creating good quality content as they do trying to strike the perfect balance between API calls, timers, sources and everything else - the accounts would grow much faster :slight_smile:


Demand what mate, if there was any solution you think that devs would not already update their software. Things change and there is nothing much you can do. Instagram can stop all automatiom and smm panels at any moment believe that, but they are just playing they lower the limits or change some things to see what we can and going to do.

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THIS was my main point! Thanks for sharing your thoughts!

I already said it on the post, more advanced features on the automation software, automatic randomization, some sort of day to day randomization so every day your follow tool behaves different from yesterday, all of this will help us grow faster and being harder to ban.

As above.
Insta knows what we are doing. Don’t fool yourself into thinking any different.
Wise words above from MojoJojo

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guys ok that instagram has added limits and everything … but nobody is talking about the fact that we won’t have more likes on posts (data that were very useful for bot settings)

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We are talking about things that can be change on our side, not ones that are out of our control.


True! honestly you’re right

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This will be really great, I was thinking about it after seeing those benchmark tests from phonebuff on yt