A tool that makes create 4g proxy very easy

For some reason, I buit a tool that can easily create 4g proxy, you can get the mechnism in the following image:

The server side supports most all platform, includes Linux, Windows, arm server…, and with allproxy, your phone will provides both http/socks proxy, it also has a webconsole and API, you can use it very easy in your business.
All you need is a server thant has a public IP, and some phones with simcard.

Demostration Video

Some people worry about the safe, so let me explaint it:

  1. If you are using myself server, I can really view all the proxies, technically it is not safe, but I’m sure I don’t use your proxy, since I have no related business.
  2. If you deploy it in your server, it is safe, I cannot get the proxies information, and you can also set the authentication information / url whitelist for each proxy, then I think it is safe. BTW, you can even deploy it in a Lan enviroment, if you just need use your proxies in Lan, it’s very safe!!!
  3. If you still think it is not safe, OK, you can put the dashboard/API in the back of any reverse proxy like Nginx, and set the accessing IP whitelist, then I think it is safe.
  4. If you still think it is not safe, you can change your firewall to protect the dashboard and API.
  5. If you still worry about it, sorry, I have no other idea, :grin:

The demo video will not load!

Maybe your network issue, but you can also use this address

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eventually it’s only your data cost or?

I tried both my mobile data and home connection yesterday. Both had issues loading the video. But it’s up an running now.

The networks traffic is request from your phone, so it also has data cost

Anybody tried? Does it work?

I downloaded the app.
Initially it didn’t work but I contacted the support on skype and the support fixed the issue.
I am now using the 4g proxy for my Instagram account.
Very happy.


I tried it today and it connects to Jarvee. So will test it in action tomorrow and will update.

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Tested some time ago, and it work. Anyway the ping has really lot of latency because the server is far away from my country

This looks very interesting. I will check it out!
I need a new infusion of technology with all these blocks

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Be careful with this guys - it connects to his server so all the data that goes through their can be tracked and also he can use your 4g for whatever he wants - stay clear.


i dont think the ping matters. youre still routing it through your phone and its using your phones data

High proxies are crap. Tried everything. Even mobile proxies dont work as youd think they would. What works best i found was routing the process through your own mobile device. Changing Jarvees Phone ID, Device ID, Unique ID and Advertising ID function might be a solution. Its basically cloning your phones connection to run through Jarvee. THis way it should in theory let you bypass Instagram restrictions and blocks because IG will see that its your phone performing those actions. I managed to find Device ID and Advertising ID but couldnt find the rest. How do you find those? IDeas? I’ve tried multiple apps to collect that info.

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what exactly are you looking for?
Maybe this one will fit https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=vtechnotm.com.deviceid&hl=en_US

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When you go into Jarvee Social Profiles tab, the click on your profile, open advanced settings and tick the show device details box. it will open a window where you can modify your Phone ID, Device ID, Unique ID and Advertising ID. If you write down your mobile devices exact digits and save them on Jarvee, you will be copying the exact connection comming from your phone. This way IG will think that you’re doing all the actions from your phone since the ID’s match. My theory is that if you input the exact numbers per phone and per account, it will be possible to bypass all the blocks completely. Noone is really talking about this. Aaron Ward mentioned this trick in his latest video. He is using an Iphone so he could not verify if this really works but for those using Android, i think its something to look into. So far i found Device ID and Advertising ID (google). But what is the Phone ID and Unique ID? Where do you gind those ? Thanks :slight_smile:


If we duplicate the ID, won’t it be easier for Instagram to verify the information?

Two devices exactly alike performing actions?

Well but how will you find enough phones to emulate many accounts :confused:
Maybe you can ask Jarvee support what they mean with those IDs. Personally i don’t know sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

If the ID is identical then how will instagram verify?

If youre calling from the same number how is that suspicious?