A tool that makes create 4g proxy very easy


Using the app “device info HW” did you get all the necessary information?

How did you set up each of them in MP?


maybe they can know from your IMEI :slightly_smiling_face:


They cant because you’re also copying your IMEI over to Jarvees settings.


Performing 100Follows/100likes/100Unfollows today. No blocks on API. I have input my mobile devices ID’s into jarvee advanced settings. Seems to work so far


Does this work for iPhone too? If so how do you get the settings?


Yeah that’s the down side, need to code something similar for myself


Not sure about iphone. Jarvee said not yet. But i dodnt see why. Iphones have their own ID’s as well. I’m on android, cant help you there unfortunately


Ah ok, I think it would be great if they could do that. Thanks for your help man!


No pb dude! If i were i would invest in a cheap samsung or something and do it through that :slight_smile:


Is not the same for every proxies provider? There’s a way to avoid it?


Still no blocks regarding the ID method?


Hey! Going at 170 follows/likes/unfollows and no blocks


What did you help the most? What do you think?
Changing the useragents and IDs to the real ones? Or what?

Still looking for the solution to make my almost 300 accs army to get back to track


It’s all theoretical since i don’t work for neither Jarvee or IG. I can only make a hypothesis from my experience by trying different things.
I think changing the API browser user agent to my phones helped. This way Jarveee will log in into IG with the same info as my phone.
I don’t think settings matter at all to be honest. Or at least to an extent. I just set up pretty agressive settings for myself and its been 3 days i dont see any problems. Not even a hickup.
I think what helped the most is running Jarvee through a prxy created on my phone through and app.
If all actions are running though your phones connection with details that match between both platforms, i dont think it matters what your settings are like.
For everyone else using different proxy providers, you’re just wasting you time I think. Performing 40 actions a day is not automation. If you want real results , it should be around 200 actions/day to see a nice return on followers. The problem is, any proxy provider you use, has nothing to do with your phones IMEI or your phone carrier or even your phone number. So any actions over a certain small limit will raise a flag. It doesnt matter what you do, or what settings you set up. You will always be blocked and banned. Routing Jarvee through your own device is the trick. If you’re managing hundreds if accounts, the best solution would be to design an app that geo locates the user and creates a proxy server on your phone. you then ask all your clients to download your app and then ask every client for the IP and PORT given by the app. This way you will never have a locations problem. All actions will be going through each of your clients mobile devices. Its the only way to beat the algorhythm. So far it works for me.


What app are you using ( for proxy)?


hey anyone know any way to create 4g proxy? i have access to rooted android phones and 4g simcards at cheap rates! i wanted to create proxies for myself but i am not into the coding thing so the threads i got were not able to help me!


There are apps on the app store that can do this for you.


The app work very well, I highly recommend it


How can I setup my own dashboard on my sever?


which apps are you talking about? can you name any which works?

which one is working bro?