A tool that makes create 4g proxy very easy


do you even read the threads you are posting in? this thread is about exactly that app… just check the first post


I’m going to set up and try this. How did you find each ID number in the end?

Did you use the app @naroha posted above? I’m guessing the Google Framework ID is the Advertising ID?


Any updates on using identical device ID details? I think this is a great theory that needs to be tested. I wish it was possible on an Iphone. But it appears at this time it isn’t. Something interesting I’ve been thinking about that is on this subject. I have 3 personal accounts, when I use them via the IG app on my iphone, IG is seeing activity on all 3 of these accounts coming from the same phone in the same location. But when over in Jarvee, IG is seeing these 3 accounts on 3 different devices, on 3 different mobile proxies.

Since it isn’t possible to copy device details from my iphone over to Jarvee, I’m going to let Jarvee creat device details (1 device) and copy those details over to the other two accounts. This way all of the Jarvee actions will appear to be coming from the same device. I will of course need to adjust my settings so the accounts don’t overlap. I think it would be suspicious if Likes/F/UF were all streaming through on different accounts. But spaced out I believe this could work.


Hi bro, we actully have IOS version, but Apple refused to publish it in store, so you can only use it in jailed iphone.


Not only he can use our proxy…Anybody can guess the port and connect to our mobile IP…We need better solution like proxyknow, which is good(but not cheap, but better than allproxy paid service) and doesn’t require to pay on monthly basis. But this is dangerous app, his IP is already scrapped by proxy scrapper.


This app is selling your info!!! be warned.

i used the app, left it running, did nothing and 600mb of data was used

so someone else was using the proxy, but impossible because it comes with a user/pass

so its 100% confirmed the owner of the app is selling your mobile proxies

never trust the chinese lol


Isn’t Android don’t allow app developer to track user’s IMEI?


I don’t know how to proof that I really don’t sell any proxy, you said you do nothing but traffic usage is 600mb, OK, give me your proxy port, let me check it!


BTW, I will use similar behavior like luminati, it means everyone use same port, just different user name, and it should be done at 1.5 month, and I will still provide the free server, hope you can take a view at it in that time!


You can’t copy your iPhone info to J because you cannot copy the IOS version into J. Lol


I want to know if you all can find a break though and automate using your iphone devices.
Here is some information I hope helps your research.
Device ID (UDID) on iTunes

Advertising ID


Phone id \ Unique ID (IMEI)

Setting > name > select device > IMEI


everybody lets trust this person he dont have any biz with your proxy thats why he put efforet and time possible money on it, TO gain nothing AT all.

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btw you cannot change normal ISP/server IP to 4g because all 3g/4g/5g ip range registered AS such …


god, everyone can talk anything without any research in here?


Its a public forum, so yea you’re gonna see people do that from time to time. Thats why we keep the important stuff in level 2+


would love to test that out :slight_smile:


did you find a solution to this?