A very long action blocked


Hey dimitri, I am new to this forum and cannot access that thread. How can I do that?



Yes i really suggest you to use good quality proxies!

For example each one on my client has a personal proxies (i dont share a single proxy with more than one client)…

Hands down the best proxy provider ive found and tried with amazing results are @HenryCooper or BestProxies… (never had a problem with these 2 providers) .

Hope its helpful :grinning:


Hello @Ettore, can you send me the link of Bestproxies? If you dont want to put it on Public send me via PM :slight_smile:


jarvee follow don’t work (only for this specific accounts)
EM follow don’t work
manual follow by using the phone not work
this 3 option i try to do with different IPs

this post i don’t have access to see :disappointed:

no i don’t fully understand this sacrape thing :roll_eyes:

my default settings for all accounts im running is
to use EB when action block


it’s an account wide block - even the account owners are not able to follow.


I’ve had two accounts affected. One since the 8th. One on the 15th. The one that was affected on the 15th, I stopped the Follow Tool immediately, kept it off for 1-2 days while running other tools on low settings, and it’s now following normally again.

The one that was affected on the 12th, I didn’t notice until several days later, and due to an issue with Jarvee, the Follow Tool was repeatedly trying to follow despite the IG API returning Action Block notifications. This should not happen - the tool should skip to the next operation cycle according to the user defined x-y delay between operations.

I’m on mobile proxies, so this would be like my client clicking on follow, receiving the Action Block notification, clicking on follow, receiving the Action Block notification, and so on, for hours and hours, then days. Every 20 seconds. I expect that at some point, the API’s going to shut you off (by whatever means).

I’ve stopped the follow tool for days, but the block is still present. On the 12th, as reported by others in this forum, this account auto-followed 3 users in between Action Block notifications. But then the block persisted. I’ve changed the mobile proxy, but have not reset the device IDs.

As I said in a previous thread, I believe that it could be the Follow Tool bombarding the API after the Action Blocks first appeared that may be responsible for this longer - or permanent - block. I saved my second affected account from this by stopping the tool soon after the Action Blocks notifications appeared.

Note: I auto import manual follows into the Unfollow Tool, and I can see my client has some successful follow activity since the 8th. I was also able to manually follow via the EB after I changed the proxy, but since running the Follow Tool again and experiencing more Action Blocks (while the follow tool was still bombarding the API), I now cannot manually follow via the EB.

The issue with the Follow Tool being stuck in the same operational cycle and bombarding the API after an Action Block will be fixed after the next update. If not today, I expect this’ll be due within the next few days.

But how to resolve this follow block on my one semi-permanently affected account? I have no idea, it’s been 10 days now. But I’m now going to create a new profile in MP, copy everything across, change the proxy and rest the account (all tools) for days.


IMO resting the account is the first thing to do when such block is happening


I’ve had the follow tool off for days. But have continued running other tools on low settings. It’s all off now.


If we have enabled "Treat actions blocks as temporary blocks and “Suspend tool when getting temporary blocked between x and y” can we prevent it? Or its happening in any case?


Sounds reasonable.
It’s just that our affected accounts did not bombard the API.
We “treat action blocks as temporary blocks”. And so do many others.
Wish your explanation would be the reason for those permanent blocks… but I don’t think so tbh.


Okay - perhaps only an explanation for my accounts. Or not.

I’ve not found a good way to treat Action Blocks as Temporary Blocks. From my experience, Action Blocks can occasionally arise for multiple reasons, and more often do not lead to a Temporary Block. So, the Action Blocks do not appear in the next operation cycle and the corresponding tool continues to work as normal. To play it safe, however, I’d prefer to suspend the tool for 30-60 minutes after an Action Block.

Prior to the 24-hour like blocks, this worked, as I could just treat Action Blocks as Temporary Blocks and suspend the tool for 30-60 minutes. Now, however, I have the Like Tool settings to suspend the tool for at least 1440 minutes (24 hours) after a Temporary Block. I don’t wish to continue making API like requests if there’s a temporary 24-hour block.

So, now, if I treat Action Blocks as Like Blocks, this is fine for the Follow Tool, but if I receive Like Action Blocks, the Like Tool will be unnecessarily suspended for 1440 minutes. I can’t have it both ways. I’d prefer there were separate options to suspend Action Blocks and Temporary Blocks.


Since all of us got affected on the same day I believe it is the same reason for all.
So yours might have also happened without bombarding the API.

Our thoughts seem to be the same my friend :slight_smile:
When it comes to suspending tools. This is how you can do it:
In General Settings set “Suspend tool when temporary blocked to 30-60 minutes”
In the settings of the Like Tool of every account set “Suspend tool when temporary blocked to 1440-XXXX minutes”
And you have what you want :slight_smile:


Unfortunately not. All Like Action Blocks will be treated as Temporary Blocks and the tool suspended for 1440 minutes, regardless of whether they’re 24-hour like blocks or non-serious Action Blocks that can arise for a number of reasons. But yes, that’s what I used to do and what I’m now doing again, as I have no choice.

Sure - I’m just throwing what I can out there in the hope that it may lead to a solution - directly or indirectly.


Interesting, because I never get like blocks that are not 24h like blocks…
Not in the past months at least.


yes its the sa[quote=“thisismx, post:18, topic:66520, full:true”]
it’s an account wide block - even the account owners are not able to follow.

yes its the same problem like i have
do you know why you get this ban ?

i think I get it because i run 5 accounts with jarvee at the same time for a long time no proxy

you also done it ?

and my friends i think to sand a massage to Instagram from this 2 block accounts
and tall them they have a mistake for blocking me

what do you say someone try it before?


I wonder if the client contacting Instagram would be a good or bad idea


Has anyone tried to temporary disable the account? :thinking:


for now i see i dont have any choice its 11 days passed and the accounts can’t do follow

so im interesting to know if someone do this action before…?


We have to pause this for 2 weeks


I arbitrarily picked two weeks as the date too