A whole bunch of my Yahoo email accounts no longer exist

I just had to verify an Instagram account and noticed that the Yahoo email address I have attached to that account no longer exists. It’s gone. When I send an email to it, I get an error bounce back saying that the mailbox is deactivated. I have bought these accounts in bulk and after checking, I found that a whole group of accounts have the same problem. I actively focus on keeping the accounts active by sending emails from them. The last time I did that was 99 days.

I understand that technically there can be a 90-day inactivity problem but then you can always reactivate your account. Now, I don’t even have an option to do that. When I type in the email address, all I get is “Sorry, we don’t recognise this email.” Has anyone else experienced this before? I can only think of two options, either they got hacked and the password was changed (but then it should tell me that my password is incorrect) or Yahoo deleted them because I was “abusing” them. I only use them for my Instagram, so am really not sure what’s going on here. The problem is now that I will lose a ton of IG accounts through this as well because I can’t verify them anymore. I’m really at a loss at the moment. I know it’s not really a technical bug because there are some other Yahoo email accounts I have that are still recognized.

Yes, i had that before too. Unfortunaltely yahoo is famous for that.

Yes Yahoo does it. Just try to create a new account with the old name, to see if they blocked it as well.

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Had a similar problem before. Guess they still feel like it’s not active enough or whatever. Maybe you can try issuing a claim to their support. As long as you haven’t abused their emails, they should have some way of reactivating it.

That’s what I thought but their system won’t accept my email address. It’s really weird. I have a whole group of accounts and they have all been verified 99 days ago. Half of them are still there, half are gone. It’s like one specific batch is gone, really really odd!

This might help in the future


Did you get this resolved? Curious to know what happens. P

No, I did not. They have been properly removed. I can neither recover them (it won’t recognize my email), nor can just create the same email address again from scratch (“this email is taken”). I honestly have no idea what happened. I just find it really odd that a whole group of email accounts was removed whereas another group is still fine even though I had sent activation emails at the exact same time. Maybe there are other things that I am missing (I bought the accounts, so maybe these email addresses were abused in the past for something else, so they got flagged).

This looks like a god send to be honest. Had no idea this existed. Will definitely give this a try, although I am concerned about having 100s of email addresses attached to the same IP (I know you can disable image loading for social media purposes but I mean for Yahoo for example to see someone logging in from the same IP into 100s of email addresses. I feel like that would be another red flag and get accounts deactivated as well).

I’m seriously wondering whether it’s worth to use Yahoo Mail accounts at all anymore. Perhaps I should switch to mail.ru (could technically have a lower trust level with IG but they have worked really well for me. I even managed to re-activate mail.ru accounts where I had lost the password and had no recovery email).

there are other mail providers out there, just dont use the .ru domains

Out of curiosity, which ones do you use for bulk mail accounts? I bought accounts, so the Yahoo emails came with it. Had I known that this would be such a nightmare, I may have thought twice about it. I’m not using the accounts for growing, this is to source information, so I don’t really care if I get a low trust score from IG because I use a mail.ru email account, since I won’t be doing any following or liking etc.

I can recommend gmx and onet.pl

The weird thing I had with gmx (I also have some) was that they wouldn’t let me register an email address without a phone number and I just couldn’t get around it.

Any Update on this?