About creating unique pins

Does any sense to create nice-looking unique pins in main account? Or it’s a wase time, because nobody will see these pins, if I not repining it from 1000 accs.

Nice looking pins and good content is never bad idea :slight_smile:

You never know who can see your pin and what pin can go viral with all these algo changes.

I think I mentioned what once, but I’ll mention it again.

This profile:

repinned my pin once. She’s not following me, we don’t have any connection at all and I think I got about 60-70 EUR in my adsense in 24 hours from just that one repin. Pin looked nice, she probably saw it in her feed and repinned it.

After short investigation, I found out the profile belongs to Pinterest co-founder’s mom :smiley:

So, yes, make nice pins, it’s worth it.

But his penguin somehow found your pin. I mean maybe you repinned 1000 times. I dont think that somebody somehow will see my nice-looking pin. Because I must do something for my pins, so they must be viral - repinning alot, following too much.

Of course, but if it wasn’t good pin she wouldn’t repinned it. :slight_smile:

Can you give some tips how to get traffic from Pinterest to my fitness website? What I must to do? I have an old Pinterest account but only 100-200 followers and it has my website link. I thinking about creating 10-20 acss which will be repinning my main account. But I have only old 200-300 articles on my website.

  1. can I create few nice-looking pins for the same article? But these pins aren`t on my website. ( because I will create it)
  2. is it good idea to do following?

200-300 articles is good enough. If you can add 1-2 new ones each week it would be great.

What I would do:

  • Create nice pins for all 200-300 articles and slowly pin them to my boards (and relevant group boards if you have any)
  • Repin your pins from all of your other profiles (that you’ll create) to their boards.

That’s how it’s usually done :slight_smile:

Of course, following, unfollowing and repinning other users pins is good idea.

Don’t pin only your pins, you’ll get your accounts banned or domain blocked. Repin more other pins than your own, so, for your 5-6 pins per day, you should also repin 10-15 pins of other users.

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I see some big profiles where only their pins. I heard that you can do: pin other pins to 1000, when you have 1000 pins begin to pin own pins only.

To be honest, it’s first time to hear about that :slight_smile:

I decided to drop FB, because it is difficult to create FB accounts and find good opened groups (in fitness niche), where I can share links. Maybe Pinterest easy because it reqest only creating good pins and it is easy create accounts

I agree with @Adnan, you shouldn’t pin just your own pins. It can cause problems and it’s better to avoid that. :slight_smile:

How to get in group boards? I see most of them had 500 coloborators So does it sense to join in such boards?