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Sales thread approved. Good luck with the sales.

Hi there how much are the aged Twitter accounts with friends and how ages are they? Thanks!

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Hi, depends on what you need, we may offer aged Twitter accounts with friends from $14.99.
Aged accounts from 2013-2010 registration year.
More information on the Twitter marketplace page: https://accfarm.com/buy-twitter-accounts

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@Accfarm_Marketplace I just had my first experience buying from you and so far it is the WORST EXPERIENCE I have had in years buying from many sellers on this forum.

@Adnan I bought 10 accounts from @Accfarm_Marketplace that were supposed to be profiled and had content added with over 100 followers.

All I got in return was 10 blank profiles. When I raised a support ticket, I was told to add the content myself.

@Accfarm_Marketplace Please contact me, make this right, and process my refund ASAP.

@Henrycooper maybe? Looks like it’s not the first one.


OK. Let’s see can the seller @AccsSeller make this right (refund or replace), if you can’t for seller to respond here and fix this issue, which he should do in 24 hours max, you can open #public-marketplace:shitlist thread.


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Hi. Sorry that your first experience with our service started like that. Please accept our apologies. We just sent you a replacement, please check it and let us know that everything is right. Sorry that it took so much time. Our support team was celebrating a New Year.

Ordered a LI acc and there was an issue with 2FA being on so they issued me a new account after raising a ticket,
Ordered a IG acc made in 2017 and it was made in 2018.
Take from that what you will.

Hi. You should contact our live support, they will check your Instagram account. We always provide a replacement if there are any issues with our accounts.