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Okay no problem. Do you per chance have aged reddit accounts that are capable of posting on subs like r/slavelabour and r/wallstreetbets? There’s been an increase of vigilance with regards to burner accounts that karma farmed purely via posts and many are incapable of posting on subs with a higher entry point. Have you tested them?

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I think we can help you with that. You should contact our live support chat, we will find sth for you

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Thanks for reaching back out. I contacted the live chat support over at your site but they weren’t particularly helpful. They kept insisting that I give them the exact parameters of age and karma but that’s not really a possibility given that the moderators of those high-value subreddits refuse to disclose what the prerequisites are (likely to avoid this very scenario). It would be great if someone could actually test the accounts by posting a random comment on either of the aforementioned subreddits (r/slavelabour, r/wallstreetbets, r/forhire, etc.)

Unfortunately, that’s not possible. We will try to find the account with the parameters that you requested

Okay sure thing. Let me know once you find one.

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Are IG accounts good for growing?

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Hi, sure! You should contact our live support chat, we will help you find the one that will work for you the best

Im most deeply interested in the cheapest variant (ig, twitter and soon other networks). Np, we ll be in touch.

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Please contact our live chat, we will find sth for you

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Interested in a fb account and business manager can you dm me when you have a chance

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Hello, DM sent

But what if they ask for verification? How does that work?

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Hi! We will provide you with tips on how to prevent this

Can you just tell me here how this would work?

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All accounts come with instructions on how to log into them and warm them up. If you follow them you shouldn’t have any problems. We also provide ID-verified profiles:

Which is the best way to contact you? Telegram or Skype? Messaged you on both, I’m wanting to buy Discord accounts from you in bulk long term for a little cheaper price. You said you could do that when I messaged you on tg and then you didn’t respond back. Messaged you again

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Hi. You can contact our support agent for a faster response:
Skype: live:.cid.2dc4c691eb17da64

Hey do you guys have US Facebook marketplace account with shipping option enabled?
Please reply me with the price I will buy it ASAP

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