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New Facebook accounts stock replenishment!

We would like to inform you that our stock of Warmed and Pre-warmed Facebook accounts for ads has been replenished.
Warmed accounts are the fastest to be used: in case of logging in using cookies, 2-3 days of warmup should be enough for you to start advertising. The accounts are one of the best solutions for running ads so make sure not to miss them out: Buy Warmed Up and Hight Trusted Facebook Accounts - Active & Verified BM's ⚡️ | Accfarm

Pre-warmed accounts are manually registered and have minimal activity (they were used for a day, made a few posts, comments, followed a few groups, sometimes added a few friends). The accounts can be used for advertising too, but they require the same amount of warmup time after login (at least 7 days) as any other account. Check all the offers by following the link: Buy Pre-Warmed Facebook Accounts ⚡️ | Accfarm

If you have any questions or can not decide on which offer is the best for your needs, you can always contact our support team via live chat on our website or using a Telegram bot to get more information on each offer.
Our Telegram bot for contact: Telegram: Contact @AccfarmSupportBot

New positions and a stock replenishment!

We would like to inform that we have replenished a stock of Warmed up aged US Facebook account 2007-2014 registered (Advertising Access Reinstated). The offer is a perfect choice for Facebook marketing as the profiles have ads accounts already unlocked and require less amount of warmup before you can start advertising. Accounts are already available to buy on a website and ready for you to order.

Moreover, we have added new Instagram accounts positions for those who are looking for an account in a tight budget. Aged Instagram accounts 2022 US IPs registered (1+ Months old) and Aged Instagram accounts 2022 EU IPs registered (1+ Months old) are now available on our website. The accounts have email credentials included in the order and can have some followers added. The offers are good value for money so they are definitely worth checking.

any idea when tiktok accounts will be back?

I ordered FB PVA Latin text, but I got Ukraine text, so far support in the chat is very slow, waiting for 2 days now

Wow this is probably the worst customer support ever, stay away from accfarm.com.

Got useless Ukraine FB accounts while Latin names were advertised. Support isn’t responding to any of my message!