Account Bleeding: solutions?


so simply my main account (20,7k followers) loses dozens of followers every day for no reason. Whether I post stories or posts doesn’t change anything, seeing it speeds up the loss of followers. And this has been easy for 6 months.

  1. What the hell is this?
  2. what are the solutions?

I’m botting on this account, I tried to stop for a week but it didn’t change anything - without automation I’ll lose even more followers every day.

Anyone have a solution and explanations? Btw I’ve never bought followers or anything, just automation.

if you are saying you have never bought followers then maybe the followers gained from automation were bad/spammy/ what were your sources?.. you have ever been part of Engagement groups?

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Only manualy picked sources, very good quality 20 - 30 % FBR.
Never used engagement group either.

The higher % FBR you get, the worst accounts will follow you.


it does not seem normal try to see who unfollowed you and then search for those account my guess is they are only bot that got banned who knows

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Can you explain more? Don’t see your point here. I’m talking about followers of accounts between 5 and 15k followers, I’m a very little niche and I’m the account which has the biggest number of followers and my ER is 18%.

Yes I tried to tracked these people but I’ve no idea how I can do this.

Maybe bots or banned accounts, but after 6 months non stop and thousands of people unfollowed, I doubt it

can you awnser this question

when you track the unfollowers how you find their profile ? does it look like normal person or bot ? and if so how many just give some aproximative number

I never said I was tracking unfollowers. Still, I always targeted Instagram active people with many posts and a picture profile, so no they are not bots.

well your first step to the solution is to doubt everything that seems good in the first time cus now things have changed , if the output is changed that means something down the road its changed and you have to find it

but if you said no they’re not bot and you’re sure they’re human then your content used to work but not anymore so you have to roads and you have to choose one well atleast thats my logic

Nah man, I appreciate the way you are trying to find a solution but I’m 99% sure this is a IG bug, nothing else related to my content or anything. 30+ people don’t unfollow my account daily for 6 months now just because I don’t make a story or do one, it has no sense.

I’m looking for a solution or option of someone who get away from this bleeding by (idk) stopping automation for a month ect.

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Every account, every single one without exception has unfollowers.

  1. Followers tired of content or no longer intrested and/or you have a dry account. Do you post everyday?

i recommened you stop depending on automation – it only works if you understand how to grow an account, not depend on a botting.


i got you but to le your searching for something that you dont know and maybe it does not exist

PS: remember you can controle only your cards to play well and you can’t controle other player’s card that means you have your content & botting setting & behaviour that can adjust and nothings else i hope im wrong and would love to see what’s others take in this well thats my two cent

good luck bro

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Most of the Instragrammers I follow have the same issue. People will say that it’s the content or something like that. I don’t know about you and maybe that’s the case but all the people I follow that are bleeding followers have amazing content. Instagram is simply slowly dying…
There are few exceptions of course…
Unfortunately there is no solution. I tried contacting Facebook via their chat and we went back and forth for a few days also via email. They say there is nothing wrong and don’t really offer any practical reason why every single day about 30 people unfollow the account.

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I have the feeling that you do not understand or do not want to understand what I am talking about.
I know that followers in automation unfollow, especially in f/uf, I’ve been in the game for 4 years.
No, I don’t post every day just because I only post high quality content, and the last picture I posted lost me 40 followers in one day.


Things do seem to get worse when you post
That’s something I’ve noticed as well.
Also I’m in your same boat. Unlike people here patronizing about the content (but that ironically actually manage repost accounts), I do create content so I understand how difficult it is to post constantly.


Thanks for the feedback, at least I know I’m not alone.

2 years ago, I was following a big Instagram guy with like 800k saying he had the same issue, stuck at 800k for like 2 years. He tried to switch to private profile which did not worked.

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doesn’t that tell you that your followers are not liking your content? you HAVE TO post what they like, not what you like and saying i use HQ pictures does not mean anything if they don’t like your stuff. Find out what they like then use HQ.


Bro as I said i’ve 18% of engagement rate. That’s 4000 likes for 21k followers while my competitors barely have 1k likes.

Leave the thing this is a content problem

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another possiblity – your niche if to small might already be maxed out. Simply no more followers in the general pool from your sources.

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