Account Bleeding: solutions?

I agree with this on @Alexnvo. Bleed happens, the worse on bigger accounts. People dont keep following forever. Imagine no one unfollowing. I mean you get the point. I have the same thing. Brilliant ER, big following but post days are the worst days as far as growing as you wake up people that feel like unfollowing you cause they arent really interested anymore no matter how good the content is. Bleed is unavoidable, although you can mask it with growth.

I wouldnt necessairly stop botting since your followers dips will only be bigger (or at least look bigger since you’re not compensating)


i had accounts with 20+% ER that did not grow. It was becuase of content, I do understand. Hell one of mu accounts at 33k had 120 % er and lost followers.

If you can keep track of the unfollowers, you can ask them why did they unfollow you.

not really – it’s changing and we don’t like it because we got away with alot of crap before. The rules changing, insta will be here for awhile. We got spoiled – now we have pay or be smarter than before.


Is that possible with Jarvee?

Seems like an odd thing to do honestly. Like begging them for a reason why they unfollowed (they probably dont care as much as you do). Just have to accept it that people change their minds, like something different once in a while and move on. Keep focussing on growing

It’s like i love videographers, the artistic ones. But i found myself unfollow after some time just cause i wasnt really engaging with it anymore as i thought i would and felt like following something new instead

“Keep focusing on growing”= understand why you are not growing.

It’s a good idea. And I don’t care about what people think if someone asks them why they unfollowed me.

  • I’ve already hard tens of people saying that they got unfollowed from a specific Instagram account for no reason, it was a IG bug

Well in that case you have your reason and there is nothing you can do about it? @Enguerran

If it’s a bug like you say it is then only IG can fix it.

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Hmm I’m not sure tho. I will ask to Jarvee support how can I scrape people that unfollowed me and will leave a feedback in it’s something relevant here

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Aside from that. 25 followers lost per week isnt tooooo bad with 20k following right? :smiley: Compensate it with botting and you’ll at least be break even. Dont post too often (like not every day) and see how it goes. Posting causes my dips every … single… time…

Yes we will see in a couple of years…

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Sorry did I wrote 25 per week? I meant 25 per day :frowning:

The stats say -92 in the last 4 weeks or am i reading it wrong?

Even for me… My personal tinfoil hat theory is that it’s an Instagram bug.

I dont want to believe it’s IG bugging cause that would make me want to quit IG. Too easy, dont accept. @mithrandir


That is because I’m currently doing f:uf. Without this this a dry loss of 25 followers per day

Yea. Either way lots of people are getting tired of putting up with instashit every day.

in years one can make a lotta money. I just made a thread aout this not to troll the thread.

Well that’s why it DEF important to keep botting until you’ve found out what’s causing it assuming it’s not just people wanting something new.

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Are you actually taking pictures or managing repost or quote accounts?