Account Bleeding: solutions?

For sure.
I just sent a DM to the this 800k guy who were loosing followers - well now he has 700k hahaha

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A lot of people are losing a lot of followers these days since botting and SMM panels are the worst and it might not even come back. Back before 4th of June things were so easy to fake. I’ve seen a good amount of people that i would think it was more or less genuine just to see them drop drop drop without being able to refill


i am doing all three and more – consulting in insta and fb. lets not troll this thread –

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Kudos to you man. Managing 40+ accounts and taking pictures… I can barely take enough pictures for one account. On the other hand people who preach about content and simply have repost account are really hypocrites. But yes let’s not troll the account.

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see my new thread.

my question – how long has this account been active and have you seen such a pattern in the past?

Message sent to see if I cans crape a list of unfollowers and I’ll let you know. I DO hope this is a not an IG bug although I think it is (that would be a huge statement about IG).

I will all keep you updated here. Thanks all for your feedbacks, appreciate it :slight_smile:

It’s and old account, I started to automate this a year half ago and no I’ve never seen it on this account. I’ve also others slaves accs with same sources that don’t have this issue. they’re actually growing very well

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then there is a problem with the account itself. you need to test what it could be. suggestions here can help

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This is the state of Instagram, either way. Lower account quality doesn’t help, as mentioned above, it only exacerbates the problem with an even bigger decrease/follower loss.

I’m struggling to keep myself afloat with my tiny personal photo pages, but they just won’t, no matter the amount of time and energy put into it. Sadly it’s the future, so you can accept it and just keep fighting, or find a new platform to take advantage of. Maybe there are solutions, but I haven’t found any that work for me. Edit: And this isn’t about automation or botting, just Instagram as a platform. You can follow/unfollow all day, but unless you’re ultra famous and have multiple 5m+ accounts, you’re pretty much stuck.


Sometimes accounts hit maturity or the content is just too similar to past ones and people get bored of it. Especially with automating when you post new stuff too people unfollow cause they find out you’re not following back


Same boat man.

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Optimizing on FBR is a risky move after a certain point, because you will not be able to keep up with the “bleeding”. Early on a focus on FBR is great because it improves your account social proof.

After that point you need to make sure each and every one of those follows - especially considering recent limitations imposed by Instagram - hit someone that will engage will your comment. Obviously that required more tracking and more investigation on your accounts, but at one point it is required.


I have the same problem. Up until August my account was gaining followers (not bots, but organic followers), since then with every post it looses a few followers, and my content hasn’t changed in such drastic ways that someone would say “wow, I didn’t follow this profile because of this”. I’ve been at 15950 followers (+/- 40) for a month, before August I got 300 followers in a month.

The key here is to get better at targeting. What I mean is it’s not enough to just find sources but to get more specific at the account level and have your account only target very specific accounts after heavy scraping and even some manual filtering.

However, this is also difficult to do at scale. I recommend only focusing on a couple of niches - ideally only one that you are really passionate about outside of this.

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Let’s just wait unfollowers responses and we will be fixed if they unfollowed manualy or if it’s just and IG bug instead of speculating about things we have no idea about please :slight_smile:

But what will you answer if they say to you, sorry man but didn’t you unfollow me first ?

At least you ll have an answer. But Stil, I find it kinda hypocritical to ask them why, when you re doing it (unfollowing) everyday.

It happens to me also every time I post but I am sure things are simple:

  1. They see your photo, click your profile and discover you ve unfollowed and they get pissed of.

  2. They see your photo and don‘t like your content. They re probably relatively new and they don’t even remember why the followed you at that point.

  3. They see your photo and respect generally your content but not that much to see it everyday. They re decluttering.


Thats why its super important to unfollow after a while because if your content is good you can get higher retained followers by posting good content that they genuinely want to see. Eventually when u do unfollow they don’t care as much cause they still like your stuff

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by fighting you mean finding new methods ? because they know pretty much everything on what we can do growthhack is temporary

Let’s just wait unfollowers responses and we will be fixed if they unfollowed manualy or if it’s just and IG bug instead of speculating about things we have no idea about please.

  • you’re point is meaningless. if you have read the entire topic you would understand this issue came one day and never went away.
    I also said I don’t give a crap about what people think about me, even if I ask them when I’m doing f:Uf.