Account Bleeding: solutions?

using master and slave account
with 4g raw mobile. and almost 90%account get block and compromised / email verification. its to many…
how i can pass this?

Bro you are not alone my graph looks exactly similar, I have no ways to track who unfollowed otherwise I wont mind pissing one or two persons by asking why they unfollowed if they unfollowed. Please update if you find out a way to track who unfollowed.

Jv support helps me, but there is not any tool for this it’s quite tricky and will take time. As I said I’ll share here what I found

I couldn’t just read this crap and not comment. Dude, don’t ask for advice and then get mad at the advice you receive. You asked a question and it looks like you’re only wanting us to say “it’s an IG issue or bug.” Well hell, if that’s what it is why the hell are you on here asking for advice? Wait for the “bug” to be supposedly fixed. Or … you can realize that this is a platform full of people that have been doing this for years, many longer than you, and simply decided to take the time and answer your question…for free. Respect the forum. :fist:

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Any solution so far?

The only solution is to recover up. Every account can recover. You just need to find your recovering way :slight_smile:

In other words : learn how to bring traffic to your page, and it will recover by its own :hatching_chick::hatched_chick::rooster:

Thank you for replying.
Can you suggest few ways ?

There are plenty, all the methods that are used for grow any accounts, you will find a lot of guides in here :slight_smile:

  • Basic strategy F/U/L/Comments
  • M/S
  • Shoutouts
  • Ads
  • And so on …

The only thing that will change is how you will manage to process them. But anyway, it will stop the bleeding, I swear :wink:

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Thank you for sharing these. :blush:

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