Account Comprmised loop

A New Customer Called me Today
she was in a growth service that caused her
a loop of Account comprmised
when she does 1 like/ watch stories
she automaticlly gets AC
now i dont know what her old service done to her and im looking for solutions
i tried let her account rest but still its happening no matter what she does
if any1 had it and got any solution for it i would like and will apperciate to listen

The causes can be many, I need more information to help you

I know it may be quite obvious, but I would reset the device she is using and after installing the app again from different connection than used previously log in to the account, do the email confirmation and change the username. It will lead to an AC, then use the app and do the searching and scrolling only, no actions for 12 days. Then start with actions slowly, not more than 7 in one operation and continue growing the amount by 9-11 every 3 days.

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You must log out acc
Go to settings> security and you have login there.
And log out of all sessions
Just reset your password via Chrome in your phone
immediately turn on the 2 factor authentification.

i wish i had the old growth provider wont talk with me so i cant even know what he done on her acc

thats what im trying to do now to be honest i hope it will work for now it doesnt seem like it

i dont see the logout option there ill try find it through

If you go to settings->security->Login Activity, click on […] on the right of a session and it will give you an option to log out at the bottom. But I’m not sure if the previous poster is correct. When you reset password from an AC, it logs out all the sessions automatically so when you go to login Activity right after AC, you should only see the current session. ie. no other session to log out

You can’t do anything about that besides wait.
Every user has this right now that did thousand of story views. That customer crossed the new limit of storys that can be watched.
You can only advice her to not watch or post a single story

the answer is something that is against the rules to mention in lvl1 thread. This loop is very common as of right now.

Reseting password using forgot password help.

Most likey he did story viewing…

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Sounds like story view issues. Too many of those.

  1. Remove all active sessions from her phone app.
  2. You make sure not to automate on any platforms.
  3. She must logout from the mobile app. Relogin from her wifi or mobile data. She might experience a varification request. She takes care of that from her phone.
  4. Rest the account for a couple of days.
  5. Start doing actions from her phone, and after a while you may start automating again.

tried didnt work

thats what im thinking but her story views is same as always so it doesnt seem right

ok so this is what im doing atm hoping for good results

by the way thanks all for the support

And I appreciate that

Guys I was usi EB and I had some error 508 in some accounts, not any AC neither hard blocks. I tried in 2 of these accounts with API, after 2 follows, I got AB. API is working for you? These account did not do any VS before.

What’s the new limit of story views you can do?

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follow up on this, i manage to do 3000 per day in 10 hours with intervals