Account disabled on MP reping, but also on manual

After some time I started to warm my accounts and start repinning.

The accounts have profile pic/ info that is different from each other.
Started doing repins one account by one and from the firs the repin the account got disabled.

The acccounts have 9 boards and I’m not repinning the same pin or my own, at the moment doing random board related repins.

The only thing is that the I have 2 accounts/IP.

What do you suggest of doing ?

I guess it’s a bad proxy…

What proxy provider do you use?

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Been using them for IG/Facebook/Google+ and had no problem :slight_smile:

My guess is that specific proxy was bad.

I can’t be sure, tough. Are you sure you haven’t left some footprints? You haven’t added your website to profiles, right!?

No links to profiles.All profiles different.
Also the proxies were tested on pinterest with other accounts ( main accounts for other services ) and they didn’t had this problem.

Posted a picture now with MP and it worked.
Fallowed someone and it worked.
But when I repin the accounts get banned.

Even if you repin manually???

Yes that put me on questions.

Hey @adnanmerchant96 you’ve mentioned proxy provider… I am using private proxies from
Do you have experience with them?

I used to this when dealing with people through support system, but not here on forum :smiley:

I haven’t use them tbh, I’m using Instagram private proxies by Highproxies for all my accounts (IG, Pinterest, FB, Twitter), they work perfectly fine for me. They are more expensive, $3 per proxy, but when you can use them on all these platforms, it’s worth it.

Had similar situation with pinterest. My decision was - bad account. Had some accounts they was unical pic/proxy/etc + email confirm.

About 30% disabled on first repin
About 30% disabled on first comment
About 10% disabled on first like

Some are still OK.

Anyway made new accs on SAME proxies, and they are alive still now, they do some acc actions now ( not for traffic, can’t find time for it now :frowning: ).