Account is not growing organically! Please help a beginner!

Hi everyone! long time lurker, first time poster.

I’m clueless, so please go easy on me.

I started my personal Instagram page in 2015 and didn’t post anything at all until about a year ago. I decided to start a personal blog/influencer account. I began in February 2019 with automated follow/unfollow for a while until my July, when my account was action blocked. I stopped after that, honestly, because I’m scared that my account would be banned. At the time, my account was at 3k. More than a year later it’s still at 3k. I have 14-18% engagement, and loyal followers, but I’m having trouble gaining more.

Most of my posts get 60-70% engagement from accounts “that weren’t following me” according to the insights. Sometimes my hashtag reach is 3k and this month I’ve had two posts that had 5-20 hashtag reach. I don’t understand why as I’m changing up the hashtags with every post and not using spammy/banned ones.

How would you grow this account? I don’t want to risk my engagement rate, but I’m sick of being at 3k. Any advice would be appreciated!

Welcome to MP Social!

If I were you I would give automation a try again, but here’s what I would suggest:

  • Get a residential proxy in your location (it can even be your own wifi). If you really want to be safe get a 4G proxy, but it’s almost overkill
  • Add a scraper account to limit API actions on your account
  • Search for topics on MP Social regarding warming up for follow/unfollow, liking, etc
  • Set Jarvee to automate ONLY when you aren’t using Instagram (just don’t do it when you’re sleeping because then Instagram will see you’re using Instagram 24/7)

Or, I would suggest reading into manual growth. Here’s a great article by @Hadi [METHOD] Growing accounts with a cheap proxy. (NO BLOCK) - JARVEE

When you first started, it’s more than likely that you didn’t warmup your account enough or were automating the same time you were using Instagram on your phone. Other things could have played a role as well.


oftentimes when you use follow/unfollow to grow an account it gets hit hard when it comes to growing organically without follow/unfollow. Especially if you do it with automation your posts often get shown to less people and especially not in hashtags or explore.

You can try to do some manual follow/unfollow (but keep it low) to gain a little bit of traction


I had this problem with my fitness account.

To be honest with you, I feel like its quite hard to grow organically when you are under 5-10k account.

My 125k account didn’t grow organically till after 10k. Had to do follow/ unfollow and shoutouts prior


Thank you, this was very helpful! I think I was running it while I was using Instagram. I think I’m going to try again. I was using the captivate app I believe and it was great at the time and got a little too excited.

I’m definitely worried that this is the case…I’m wondering if my account is doomed forever. I’ve been toying with the idea of starting a new account without using follow/unfollow but I’m not sure how different my growth would be.

You’re right…it is so hard. Were you doing follow/unfollow manually or with automation? Are you growing organically pretty steadily now?

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It’s hard to grow in general these days, organically or not, it seems like so many people just bleed followers in more cases than not. Not sure if it’s something Instagram is doing like constant purging or deactivations, or if people are just more touchy/triggered/hyperfocused on who they follow because boredom and life changes during the pandemic.


On my fitness one I’m doing manual, while trying to start a mother/child setup. Its at 2.5k atm

My big account was all manual. But its over a year old and started when things were easier. It grows at about 200 followers a day with no effort. Just posting once a day


That’s pretty cool. Are you reposting or all original content?

My biggest original content page flatlined at around 14k and won’t get any organic growth, probably due to so much f/uf initially but who knows. It just bleeds, same as my personal page, no matter how good the content. Sometimes the struggle is real, sometimes it’s not.

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Nah it’s not orignial content. Just a repost account which is alot easier to hit.

My fitness one is original and personal so it been hard to grow organically. Hence I found my way to mpsocial


That explains a lot :stuck_out_tongue: reposting viral content really does the trick, which is too bad when a lot of people honestly make great stuff that just never reaches people the way it should.

Totally agree with you

I understand that the person in question may not be logged in when Jarvee is running. How do you solve this in terms of user-friendliness.

I assume the person wants to post stories and scroll through her timeline?

How do you solve this?

Give them a period of time that they’re allowed to use the app, and set the program to not run during that time.

Use the app or log out from app?

the solution would be to run Jarvee through the night. But that’s not recommended… especially if the user’s on the app during the day?

I think as long as they’re not opening it up, it’s probably ok that they’re logged in. I mean people are logged in to Instagram from like 5 devices, it’s more about using your account from multiple places at the same time, if you think about it from a security/spam perspective.

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Crazy simple, but you’d be surprised:

Include a call to action in your captions for people to follow you.

Sometimes folks only like, but would be open to sharing or following if you ask.

That & utilize this with viral type content in your niche.

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Always a good thing to do, although these days it seems like people are so lazy with reading a single caption, at least in my experience. You can ask a question like: “What’s your favorite? 1 or 2” and you’ll just get pointless spam replies, if anything.

Then again the engagement on my content has never been great, so maybe I’m targeting the wrong people.