Account recovery without email/phone

I started an instagram page a few weeks ago and grew it to 12K. It recently got disabled and I now realized I never linked a phone number or email to that account. Is it still able to be recovered if I follow the guide? Or is all hope lost because I never linked an email? Thanks for your help!

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There should be at least one of them linked since IG doesnt allow to keep both blank as far as I’m aware. You also need at least one to create an account too

When I created the account I typed a random email address (I wanted to see if the device I was using was still blocked from creating accounts, never planned on really using the new account.)
I was able to create a new account but now I’m not sure if it’s worth appealing for

You don’t need to use the email you created your account with. You can use various emails for the recovery form. They just use the email as a way to contact you back, they don’t use it for verification. Phone number aswell. What was your account deactivated for?

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I’ve tried to appeal using other email accounts but get no reply at all, no nothing. It was disables for sexual comments though my niche wasn’t adult/sexual at all

You should apeal multiple times before they reply, or use a service to get your account back. I think someone here provide those kind of service

I don’t think that will constitute a hard ban so you should get your account back with just some persistence :grinning: When they don’t reply you have to use another email or use the ‘Gmail Trick’ because if you’ve already sent a request using the same email they won’t reply back for about another week or 2 with that address.

This is the following form you should use:

Just some persistence in appealing even if it keeps getting denied will get your account back eventually.

Good luck dude!

Really? I’ve recovered over 100 accounts and spam appealing usually slowed up the process…I usually don’t send in a new appeal until I get a reply from support about my previous one

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I’ve made brand new email addresses and get no reply at all to my appeal…That’s why I was wondering did I mess up by never linking that’s page to a phone number or email

Are you using the form link I sent above?

I just tried using the above link and received a response, I will keep you updated, thank you!

No worries! Just follow all the steps they require.

Disablings for sexual content are handled differently than spam. When I submit a spam unban, it’s restored immediately. But I have never been able to restore an account that has been banned for any other reason.

I’ve had pages disabled for spam, bullying, sexuality, artificially collecting likes and followers… All of them were restored. I think copyright infringement isn’t the only case where you can’t get a page back

They replied! They said no, but a reply is still a reply lol. Shall I keep trying with the same email or switch to a new one to appeal with? In the past sometimes it worked quicker when I kept switching emails, what do you say?

Keep switching emails and one week has week has passed you can use the same emails once again. Good luck!

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Would you recommend switching emails every time the response is no? Or try a few times with the same email before switching?
Appreciate your feedback

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Instagram doesn’t reply to emails that have had multiple requests sent under the same domain/email to prevent spam. So if you want to unban and send forms persistently to get it unbanned you’ll have to be constantly changing the email you use in the form to receive a reply back. :grinning:

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the big question is
how you grow your account to 12k
in a few weeks ?:thinking:


Simple, I promoted it from my 1M account

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