Account won't log in to Jarvee


Some of my accounts recently did receive status “pending” without any reason? The account has been valid for weeks, and then this happened. I tried both API and EB, but still got “pending”, I even changed my password without any luck.

Do you know how to fix it? Maybe delete the account from Jarvee and log in everything again?

I have no clue, but I’ve also contacted Jarvee support.

See attached photo



This is happening to me too. I was just about to verify two new accounts on Jv and this same thing happened to me. Asking to enter account credentials when I have already enter. Just got stuck in the loop. However I am able to manually login with eb though.
I have also contacted support and waiting for their reply

I think either instagram change something with their api login for Jv have a big

Same issue here - tried to onboard a few new clients and they go back to ‘pending’ after the initializing stage.

Also tried force updating MP, but that did not seem to help.

@motivationchasers Please also write to support, the more people rise the issue the faster they will act👍🏼

Have already done so, I’m sure they will have a fix in no time :facepunch:

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Need this to be fixed asap as this will be a big problem very soon

Thank you for letting us know, we already got access to VPS with that error, we’ll see what’s happening and fix it as soon as possible.


On some of the accounts, I could verify and get it valid right a way, but I really thought that I might have done something wrong since a few would turn pending again. But I’m “glad” that I’m not the only one with these issues and I’m very happy that it’s beeing worked on! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t replicate the issue on any of my accounts…

52 of my accounnts went from valid to pending status and since 5 hours I cannot log them back to API. However they are still logged in EB.

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It might be it’s up to IG.

Same here ,i’ve got an account that was valid before and it’s now in pending status. In EB it’s working though.

I checked again, reports are growing, so it’s definitely something wrong on IG side:

Version - May 7th

  • Instagram - Fixed some issues with two factor authentication login

Hmmm, from today, lets see where its the error, i hope on Jarvee Side :smiley:

I doubt. Reports are growing

My scraper went pending too, only logs in with EB which wont work for scraping

I really hope to wake up to valid accounts

but i think this is something wrong with the software as you can login on app and in the eb but api doesnt work seems weird to me but we will see tommorrow


I am not able to verify any new accounts with api at the moment :grimacing:

Everything is ok now. Seems ig have fixed the issue :+1:t3: Good luck guys :four_leaf_clover:

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