Accounts being suspended during run

Hey guys , I’ve been running twitter bots for long time , and lately many accounts are getting suspended after a single follow / like ,
It does 1 follow and everything is ok , on the second it already says account is suspended and not permitted ,
Any idea what might cause it?
It happens only on some % but I can’t understand what makes it to happen

Hey the issue you are describing is very similar to what started happening to my accounts few days ago.

I am using my own custom bot that I have been running for over 3 years and only since like 4 days ago Twitter suspended 1/5 of all accounts I had under it.

I made this topic describing this very issue here:

What proxies did you run your bot on? I suspect this is either something to do with fingerprinting or proxies.

I’m using my costume bot aswell , I’m using IPV4 proxies
upto 3 users per proxy but there is around 1 per proxy atm and it still getting banned, maybe the proxies got blacklisted… but it’s very hard for me to believe since it happens only on part of the accounts and they are pretty similar to each other

Your IP / Proxies are blacklisted that’s for sure try to switch to others or even 4G ones and see how it goes but as always start with every low settings then work your way up.