Accounts created on same IP causing any issues?

I created 5 accounts with this method:

I used Chrome in incognito mode with the extensions WebRTC Leak Prevent, Random User Agent and Ghostery. Slight difference was that I did not used the mobile Internet Connection of my phone. I just created them through my browser with an gmail created on my phone. Every day I created one Account and that work smoothly without any issues. I Put them to my phone and uploaded, followed, liked. Now Im adding them into Jarvee.

I only have the fear that this Accounts can get Problems sooner or later because the creation IP maybe was the same. I already build them quite a lot. Can I go on working with them in Software or better, creating new ones with the method and Internet Connection of my phone, for longterm?

What do you think guys?

You’re saying you didn’t use a mobile hotspot IP, but you just used your home internet IP every time?


You are only going to get away with using your home IP address for so long until it gets flagged by IG. Then you will have a bigger problem.

Why not just use your mobile tethered? It works really well.


I would suggest you just create new accounts with a new IP. The problem i see is that all accounts created with the same IP are linked to each other (IG thinks it’s the same person) so maybe in the future if they ban one account it could happen they decide to ban all accounts from that IP.


Yes, I used an incognito browser with the extensions, but not the connection (usb) with internet from my handy. It worked everytime and instagram dont gave me a limit there. I really dont know if I should create the accounts new from scratch or if they are good to go on using

I really cant say… Just stupid not to use the connection to my phone and that internet while creating accounts. The first time I saw this of Method of creating accounts, I wanted to created a bunch of accounts to sell them, therefore I thought, so many accounts are not human like and not possible to create on one IP/Device.
Now I just created a “few” and got careless… And as it worked to create them (I didnt stopped)

Did this method worked for you @Avo? I just have the problem that my IPv4 changes very not often but my IPv6 does. Do you think a change of the IPv6 is enough?

Thats what Im afraid of, I want to make things right in the long term and go to bed and wake up without having a nightmare of the reaper instagram


The universal key to it all = take things slow