Accounts disabled after creation

Hi, I’ve tried to create two different Instagram accounts within a week and both times they’ve got disabled right after creation.

I’m running Jarvee on my LAN doing F/U and likes. Those actions got several times temporary blocked, but nothing much serious.

Is it possible my IP is red flagged?


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Where did you create the accounts - through your phone, desktop, Jarvee?

Through desktop, where I also use the account run by Jarvee

are you using proxies to create account ? if yes , what kind of proxies are you using ? DC/Mobile proxies / Residential proxies ?

No I’m not using proxies to create account. I’m just using my home IP

if your accounts get disbaled immediately after creation , ( before running any actions ) i would suggest that your ip is flagged .

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On your experience or anybody’s reading this, are flags permanent? Any recommendations?


i don’t have much experience about that , but the solution is easy in my opinion … just get a new 4g sim card and dedicate it to account creation , there are alot of methods in this forum to create high quality accounts from your phone , i’ll put the link of the most recent method and you can use the search feature to find more methods .


hy diego may I ask how many accounts you are planning to create?

Jus two accounts

Thats what I thought so maybe it’s not worth getting a rooted phone for account creation. But if you want to create and run two new accounts you need 2 things.

  1. A device and IP for account creation - maybe it works with your smartphone but make sure you use your mobile connection and not your home IP (you should be able to create about 5 accounts with a smartphone) If your smartphone doesn’t work you could ask friends/family if you can use their smartphones and create 2 accounts.

  2. you need a proxy aka a fresh Ip if you want to run the new accounts in jarvee without problems

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Instead of creating them on your PC I would create them on your phone through the Instagram app. Then after profiling etc and setting them up, then you can move them to Jarvee.


Yes, if you only need 2 accounts, I would also recommend creating them on your phone, then use proxies to run the accounts. If your home Ip is already flagged, I wouldn’t run the accounts on that IP for a while

You could try creating them on the app with your home IP, just to test if it’s actually the IP that is flagged…