ACTION BLOCK IS A SPAM BLOCK this is how I get round it CHANGE ISP!

Firstly there is no magic, I do what works for me, someone else will do what works for them. I will only explain what works for me.

You reset the device id and clear cookies etc., it may start it may not, there is no magic here it might start because the spam block cleared on its own and your chances of getting COMPROMISED are high!

I moved from DC proxies to 4g HOME and Residential at the start of the month, I also have a machine on the network that VPN’s into a companies router. So in effect I have 3 ISP’s (Internet Service Provider). I still have DC proxies.

Now for whatever reason any accounts I put on the VPN’s company ISP eventually will get a spam block on follow or like or DM, if I then move them to another ISP without changing anything, they will work fine for me!!!

So what im doing now is getting as many different ISP’s as possible,

And yes my 4g’s HOME are working fine! Am I happy no, why? As all the sims are on the same ISP… BUT I CAN CHANGE NETWORK OPERATOR :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

EB or API? It’s irrelevant.



I am using a 4g proxy but still can’t solve it


Ive explained in full why above, you cant change your ISP… the post i wrote isnt really anything to do with 4g proxies, with a 4g proxy you only have 1 ISP, you cant even roam :thinking:

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Thanks for sharing this method! I will try it when needed.

So to get rid of action block this needs to change. You may have to logout login. The block is account/ISP where before it was account/IP. :slightly_frowning_face: So basically all of you using one proxy provider who’s using the same ISP are screwed.


the question is for the accounts that do more than 200 follow
how many they do for 30 days?

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Shit. You might be on to something. My proxies are toast then cause they’re popular on this forum.

If your proxies have the same ISP then yes your screwed. It’s got nothing to do with who’s using who.

So I have 3 iSP’s available to me at home. And my 4g SIM can roam. So I have 4 more. 7 in total.

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I use 4g with 5 different ISP each have 20~ sims so around 80 accounts on the same ISP.
Still get 8% blocked accounts.
Also one home IP getting blocked.

So move the account to a different ISP and block is gone👍

I’m not understand what do you mean move the account to different ISP.

The proxies I bought are $4 each and I use a unique one for each account and yet almost 90% of them are blocked from following/like/comment even though even we try manually it works.

Please someone advise

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I’ve gone beyond what my brain can take. :see_no_evil:


If I got him correctly, I bet he means having all your proxies from one providers is risky, regardless of whether they are 4G or not… You need to have your proxies from different providers so that IG doesn’t notice some connection between your accounts.

It actually makes sense to me since I am using 4G proxies from one of the providers in this forum and over 95% of my accounts are getting huge blocks.

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Thankyou the block is by provider/account.

On top of all the other stuff, good settings not going over the limits etc.,

People say I don’t know why I move it home and it’s fine. It’s because you changed ISP/providety.

To make it simple he’s saying that if you’re using proxy based on AT&T you need to switch to a proxy based on Verizon and it will start work because IG blocked AT&T on your account.

Not sure if this is a thing, we have mobile proxy from many different carriers, but it’s always worth testing as always.

BUT if other people have hammered the ISP that you switched to then you’ll get blocked again. Need to find small time proxy provider that isn’t popular on MP/BHW.

I think IP is irrelevant. Too many to track. ISP’s are a smaller number :+1:

Imagine being in a shopping center could be 100 users all on the WiFi using same IP all on instagram…


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This makes sense. They can’t block chunks of IP’s without messing up and effecting real users. They can block ISP’s and cover chunks of spammers without effecting real users.

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