Action blocked for LIKING!?

Today marks the second time in a few days that I’ve been action blocked for apparently liking too many photos in a short amount of time.

I checked to see just how many images I liked in 1 hour and it was only around 50-60 images.

I remember being able to like 100-200 images in an hour previously but now I have this new restriction. Smh

Anyone know what the new like and commenting guidelines are? :thinking:

Honestly, I can spam like for 20 min straight. I think it has to do with the trust score of your account

But how do you raise your trust score though?

Trust score is higher if:

  1. Aged account
  2. High engagement
  3. Account growing in followers
  4. Rarely get blocks from IG/Instagram doesn’t detect automation

Also, my account is very warmed up to liking a lot. It’s been a habit for a while

Well in my case I have 1 and 3 on your list.

But 2 and 4 are my problem areas.

And my account is rather large too smh

What we called TrustScore or whatever you want to call it does not include the engagement, at least how we measure it, and follower/following counts.

The mosts important paramaters are mostly historical, there’s node for the creation stage (CS), where IG assigns an score for each item, such as: where the account was created, APP vs Web, IP, Proxified?, email quality, PVA, geo location, wifi, 4G/LTE, Device brand, model, OS version etc.
This part of the score stays with the account for ever.
Then you have the variable scores only related with actions performed by the account, here IG also gives different values to the actions, taking into consideration where they were peformed, how often, etc. (Spam detections systems are used here, IG anti-spam systems are the best for far, but they only “inform” other systems of the activities and don’t take any action.).

The more spammy the action the lower the score it gets, basically when you cross certain threshold IG penalizes the total score of that particular category, that also affects the score of the Actions category.
So imagine the number going UP when you do a few likes, saves. comments etc and then! you start to DM like crazy and the number goes down.
Paterns are analyzed constantly to compare you with simimlar accounts and also with your previous behaviours.

All accounts are born with a cap let’s say 100 units, every time the account break any rule units are deducted, you can go even negative. The question that everybody ask is if you can recover units, the answer is YES but only happens with actions that IG consider good signals. Why some accounts never come back? because they keep repeating the same mistakes again and again.

I could keep giving details, is a fascinating topic, but I prefer to answer any question you may have.

Note: if you wonder where the info is coming from, we have periodic meetings with FB/IG engineers in our office.


That’s in line with what I said about getting blocks, etc. You get blocks typically by spamming actions/overt automation.

that’s true.

I disagree that engagement doesn’t matter

Read slowly, engagement doesn’t matter for what we call trustscore. Engagement as we understand it is very different as how IG measures it. Some IG marketing gurus came up with that and now everybody thinks they know how to measure it, 9 posts? 12? 20? what period of time? 1 minute? 10? 1 hour? 1 day? :wink:

If “Influencers” like to have some number to show off, which IG doesn’t provide as we want, doesn’t mean that that measurement exists :wink: (Engagement Rate)

For IG, Engagement is just one more metric.

You have no evidence to the contrary that engagement doesn’t matter.

And who knows if your being condescending is simply compensation for something else.

However, I frankly have better things to do than discuss this further.

I have more than enough evidence, but if you don’t want to hear a community member is ok mate have a good one. I truly believe that you didn’t read all my post, including the end. :wink:
O bella ciao, bella ciao, bella ciao, ciao, ciao :rofl:

But what are the actions that IG considers good signals? Because I honestly feel like every action I make(except for purchasing ads :expressionless:) is considered a bad signal when it comes to my account.

I’ve been posting on this forum for quite a while and no one has been able to figure out a solution to my concerns about IG severely limiting my reach and engagement. I have over 20k followers and they are all real yet my story views dont go above 100 and my engagement on my posts basically stay the same. I often think that it maybe time to start over because it really feels like I’m fighting an uphill battle but then I already know that I’m not guaranteed to get the same numbers I have now. Smh

I know how you feel…first remove the mindset that IG is limiting your reach, it is not, you are competing for the same real estate with thousands of other accounts. Maybe just maybe your content is not what the people like to see today.

Would you be willing to provide a basic list of what is typically considered to be “good” signals? It would be much appreciated.

I find that hard to believe when everytime I purchase ad space, I get at least 5+ new followers depending on how much money I spend with the playform. My account is based on the arts so its not your typical Instagram fashion, travel, or meme accounts. So shouldn’t the people who follow, follow because they like the art on the page? :thinking:

The problem is, immediately after they follow me and interact with 1 or 2 with my posts. They disappear and I never hear from them again.

You would think that most of em would just unfollow but no, they never do. Which leaves me to believe that the platform is limiting my posts. How can I receive new followers pretty much everyday but engagement remains the same?

Let me explain you this:
For long time people was sure that a good signal was to act like a person, try to be human they said, at that time they were a bit wrong, today they are very wrong.
IG works on a basic principle using patterns and behaviours that are stored and analyzed.
The amount of data gathered during the years is something unbelievable and using several neural networks they are trying to know what a person wants to “see” in order to deliver exactly that.

I give you an example:
I love cars, so I like many posts of cars, comment on them, save them etc.
I like other things too, good italian food, so sometimes I like a nice pasta picture.
So IG “understands” what I like and deliver to me more and more of the same, until when? well until I change my behaviour and I don’t like cars pics anymore or just less, and I change my attention to 3D printers…


(this is related to what ppl call “warm up” an account, you don’t warm up anything you are just giving data to IG so the account “profile” is constructed)

So now just imagine that I start to like pictures of any other niche, often and with not a clear pattern, well IG is programmed to raise a flag and say hey hey let’s check this guy… so now you are under the radar.

So going back to your question, what a good signal is??, there’s one answer for every account.:frowning:
We know what bad signals are…radical changes of behaviours. (and spam !!)

IG will continue to build this “persona” during the entire life of the account.

That’s why is so positive to have a network that only perform actions in certain niche, always within spam limits.

***For my example good signals would be to like cars and pizza again or slowly move to other interest, following makers, 3D designers gradually like a normal person.


Note: behaviours analyzed also include how the app and web are used. Remember they do know exactly how much you slow down or stop, scroll up, down etc. etc.


I beg to differ. I have real company accounts that haven’t changed automation in months. For example, today it was blocked from unfollowing, after 1 unfollow. Previously would unfollow between 23 and 59 on a day. Same amount to follow. Was gaining 200+ followers every month.
Nothing changed. Just got hit.

Noticed that Instagram likes to hit accounts for about 1 week and then let’s them loose again.

Wish an Instagram insider would shed some light. Hey, if there’s anything wrong with following, liking and unfollowing only those that didn’t follow back, please let us know.

If an account is bringing in high engagement from its followers, they are keeping users on the platform longer, thereby lining instagram’s pockets. That said, it makes sense that account would have a higher trust score over accounts who’s followers aren’t engaged. In addition to the other trust score factors mentioned.

However, I apologize for being harsh with you.

IG definitely limits the reach on certain accounts… for different reasons. What triggers it, idk… but when its happening, its more than obvious.

Content is king, but it doesn’t matter if your account has been flagged. This is the same on pretty much all social platforms… especially youtube.

You just mentioned the issue: “that haven’t changed automation in months” & "Previously would unfollow between 23 and 59 on a day. " That particular account already was detected as “non natural” so it will have a hard time. Just remember IG manages the costs of checking every single account, basically they group them based, again, on historic data. IG systems don’t work with conditions just written by an engineer, the algo is adjusting constantly by itself. Hey I don’t defend IG I’m just trying to bring some light on how they operate, remember that every system has issues, bugs, design errors, etc. but we can say that in general works well for what they want to achieve.

“if there’s anything wrong with following, liking and unfollowing only those that didn’t follow back” On IG eyes all of that is wrong just because most of the users don’t do it. A normal person don’t follow The Rock expecting that he will follow back, and if he doesn’t then unfollow him…right?

Automation is not dead, but we are really behind IG, slowly most of our automation practices will be penalized. IG still needs a degree of automation, why you think they offer us the option to schedule posts? seems that goes against everything they do, but the algo is also adjusted to keep the business :wink:

Each of you have a valid point – and both are true for some accounts, both are false for other accounts.
There is no rule right or wrong. I have some high ER accounts(big and small) liked blocked every now and then, I have low ER accounts blocked(big and small) every now and then.
Trust score begins with where/device/ip type when that ‘create account’ button is pressed. (if this part is fucked from the start-- example – data center proxy creation) I think that account is doomed –
if the account is not warmed up/and or blocked within the first week of it’s birth – that account I think is doomed. I think those two stages are the basis of the infamous ;trustscore’ only IG knows about – if such a thing really is