AddMeFast Site for Starting Growth

Has anyone used this site, or a similar site? Any thoughts? I am starting a new Youtube and thought using this site to start getting views would be okay.


I used it in the past for getting likes on couple of social media networks, that worked fine.

However, never used it for YT views. I doubt YT can be fooled simple as that, at least when it comes to views. They probably won’t count them or if they do, they’ll remove them later.

I’d use them for likes, but for views I would recommend you to buy them from reputable sellers.

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Do you have any platforms or sellers you would recommend publicly, or message me.



On our #public-marketplace there is one seller, but as I can see he didn’t post in his thread for 30 days.

I can’t recommend anyone specifically, but you’ll find some providers online, just check IM forums and sales threads. Make sure you read reviews too.


Feel free to hit me up for any SMM growth needs across IG, FB, YT, Spotify or Soundcloud :+1:

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I wouldn’t use it for youtube, it will have a negative impact on your views since your watch time will be extremely low and youtube will think that your video is bad since nobody is watching the videos for longer periods of time.

It’s nice if you want to get a post on twitter to trending but otherwise I wouldn’t use it

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