Adult dating VS OGads | 1 $ daily VS 100 $ daily

I’ll go straight to the point:
Hope everybody knows what is adult dating. (if not pls check google)
Adult dating offers are interesting because of the list of reasons:

  1. Worldwide geo
  2. High rates
  3. Almost “Indestructible” niche

Here is some of my stats

As you can see even 100 accs in adult dating niche make a good daily profit

For me OGads almost like a Pandora’s Box) I will try to explain why:

  1. Using OGads offers means cheating people in 90% cases. Cause every time you should to сome up with a reason why users should click your link and download the app. Almost always the reason is “win free iPhone/get free followers” Are there still exist people who believe in that ?

  2. If you try to cheat users - you getting a lot of reports to your account. A lot of reports - your account is banned

  3. Low rates. I never seen rates in OGads higher that 0.4$ - 1,2$ per lead

Here is my short story about working with OGads:

I decided to go in “travel” niche.
I created about 100 accounts.
Here is an example of account

Than i created my own web site - landing page
Here is the link -
(Submit button is the link to the OGads offer’s page )

At last i run all my 100 accs. As a follow source i chose some big travel accounts (for obvious reasons)

And as a result i got about 1,6$ per first day, about 2$ per the second day and so on.
After a week of pain i got no more than 7$ (total) and decide to stop my accs :hugging:

So guys - is it still possible to get a good profit via OGads ?
Maybe i made some mistakes ?

Thanks in advance


Onw question : Do you post the same landing page/ website link to all of your accounts ? To how many accounts you use the sale landing page so it’s safe ?
Thanx !

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Of course you can still make good big money with OG ads but I don’ see the point Adult Offers are much better. I would stick tothem, when doing adult offers, do you chose to get paid for every sign up or commision for life, thanks.

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Do you ask about same link or same landing page ?
Landing page is the same to all my accs

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The point why adult is better - 100 accs in adult niche get me about 30 usd per day; 100 accs in Ogads - 1-2 USD per day

Im getting fee for every sign up

If you know some ways how to get good profit via Ogads pls let me know.


Oh… Great info ! For the landing page was my question.Thanx ! I am some kind new to this and want to build also many accounts , but for example if i promote one kind of product , shall all my accounts have relevant profile pictures - posts ? Thanx !

I have 1/2 two accounts running with a 0.15 Follow back ratio and it makes me $1 every few days and I am using OG ads so you can still make a good amount of money.

The problem is your " Niche " people don’t belive in iphone giveaways or Holiday giveaways they are to unrealistic. You need to make something seem more real. I have a few niches what I have not tested yet but I know they have potential, I can DM you them if you want, however I suggest looking here first,
Brainstorm niche ideas from here or even use the same ones they still work :slight_smile:

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And also i want to mention… 100 accounts 7 dollars , 1000 70 , 10k ? so it’s not so bad…

Why you want to make $ from og ads , if from dating you make more ? That’s weird…For cheap paying ads use just more accnts as i mention in other comment.

I guess - yes

Im interesting in OGads cause i still had no success with that :slight_smile:

Thanks for the link. Nice info
When i started with Ogads I chose between travel giveaways, gift cards and gamers stuff
Looks like travel was a wrong choice :slight_smile:

It would be great if you can DM some of them

Now i know you are 100% a woman , anyways good luck with your journey , if i find a better way i will inform ! Opening now a topic journal 500-1k/day right now if you wish to follow.
Cheers !

Very strange post
By the way I’m not a woman Lol



For your adult niches, are you posting a landing page in the bio, post and sending DMs?

Lp in bio
Never used DM

Maybe try DMs to make more $.

What kind of offers are you doing PPLs? PPS?

its a niche + targeting game… get any of this wrong it wont work. i am able to get 1$ Per account with the ‘free followers’ niche… its all about how you approach the whole thing

what is the network you used for adult niche?

I’m getting $0.3 per acc with free followers niche, any tips to share? Bu i think it’s all about follow sources.

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How did you put the same link in 100 accs? Do you just short a link to your site?