Advice on monetising an online platform?

Hey guys, i have 2 separate questions about the same thing.
I recently grew an IG account to 10k in 4 months and have a really good following that is surprisingly transferring quite well onto our online platform/website outside of instagram. We basically make blogs, create podcasts and other media and also feature creatives within our community.

My question is about making money with it, I plan on charging for people to feature their work on the site in future, but also want to make money with ads/traffic.

I applied to adsense but got refused and their reasoning was a bunch of extreme things that my site doesn’t host, but one that did was copyright. I have my IG feed on my site also, is this a form of copyright and not allowing me to put ads on there?

If not does anyone have any idea why id be getting declined?

My second question:
Other than adsense, where i believe i only get money IF people click on an ad, what other ways could i make money by driving traffic to the site etc?

This is all new to me and am really keen to learn so any insight would be great from you guys


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Here’s a slightly out of the box thought.

Partner with a competitor to sell promotions to their IG platform representing their podcast/blog/brand.

If you form relationships within your space, those “competitors” you once built up will likely feel obliged to recommend/promote your platform until you have the juice to directly profit from it without their help, or from another profit-related venture in the space.

This is an idea. As there can be many.

One that I purposely left raw & unfinished as to complete the details since it’d distract from the point.

With any idea, you must follow through.

The Advice to your OP question is to first think outside of the box.

Then try something out: Test & Tweak.

If you can’t find successful monetization examples within your space, make one up.

Perfect time to do so.

Well wishes

Who are you targeting? Do you target marketers or dev/freelancers, SMB owners?

You might not be aware, but your in an actually good, high-earner niche, especially if you develop a good following.

Why not develop it as a marketplace?

Also, if your target are marketers and SMB-owners, you can just as well review and promote products and tools (especially productivity tools).

Why adsense? If you do not have full control over your content, then there’s not wort it.

However, if you want CPM and other display ads, you can check any of the other ad networks like Monumetric, media[dot]net, PropellerAds and others.

Well currently the target is mainly on our Instagram followers and getting them to convert over to the website.

Our content is usually interviews with photographers/musicians or tips and tricks for photography etc so we’re currently just making content to get views by our audience rather than specifically targeting people to monetize.

I do want to move into affiliate/product reviews or just features within our content but 1: is that profitable? 2. I don’t know where to start or who to contact with that, do I go to the sellers myself or are there Networks?

Thanks for the reply I’ll check the recommendations out

Yes, affiliate marketing can be profitable if done right.

If you have photography tricks, tips, etc check Amazon’s affiliate program and other major photography gear websites. Some of them might have an affiliate program too.