Advice request for social media marketing

Hello everyone,

I’ve just setup a website and am now looking to market it. I currently use 2 social media platforms (Instagram and Facebook), both new (ish) accounts. The plan is to help people with mental health issues, and make affiliate sales on the CBD oil I promote on the site.

Would really appreciate any pointers on how you may think I should move forward…

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Search for related accounts on IG/FB, and start following the followers of such accounts.
Some will check the link in your profile and may convert in a sale.
You can also DM new followers about your product.

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Thanks Daenerys_Insta, good tips those are

thanks everyone

I really appreciate you reading my post everyone - I’ve been working my way through reading other posts on MPsocial and feel inspired - good luck everyone and all the best

‘only think about what you intend to manifest’

best wishes


Hey buddy your website is very outdated you should get a ux designer to design a website for you otherwise this one looks pretty outdated other than that you are good to go

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hey argzonnin,

many thanks for taking a look at my website, and for your suggestions, I didn’t know what a UX designer was until i just looked it up - you’re right, I need their services. I created the website myself as I don’t have much spare cash at the moment.

much appreciated


Since you are just starting I suggest you take a look and get inspired from psych2go . me also take a look at their social medias the way they structured their business is very unique and also user friendly, Since you do not have much budget there are thousands of free web designs online you should look them up in google and find a way to put them in your hosting, I also suggest you check out SEO since that is where you can get hell a lot of traffic after you finish your website and SEO then you start growing social media accounts Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest is also big on this type of niche, it is a long way up there bro but with persistence and constant improvement you can make a living within 6 months of starting or up to a year. If you have any other questions or need help feel free to dm me

Fantastic, thank you very much Argzonnin. I’ll check out psych2go today, and look into their social media structure. I’ll also look at redesigning my site and improving SEO.

much appreciated,

all the best.


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Hey great question. There’s many resources you can explore for this. There’s lots of info for this topic. I’d scrape big accounts in yohr meds niche. Also look for what they post and which posts go viral in the niche.

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Thanks for the response and input Jala_Labova, much appreciated. I’ll continue to look through information on here at mpsocial to learn more, I’ve also started a Jarvee training at Once I’ve completed it, i’ll purchase a copy of their software, looking forward to testing it out and getting the hang of it!

All the best