Affiliate Program for List of 2K Subs

I Was able to build a list of 2K Subs from IG interested in Travel to 2 Destinations: Thailand and Bali. They are waiting for special travel offers…

How can I monetize this list? I am thinking on some affiliate program with full email chain, so I can just copy/paste to MailChimp campaign manager. Please recommend.

I was using, but for some reason NO CONVERSIONS almost! I think Booking is not good, any thoughts on this?

Also, If I Would want to sell such list, what would be the Approx. Value? Or should I rather swap with others, so it can grow?

I am not good with email marketing, so need some guidance here.


Please advise

hey bro, i would like to buy your list

How much are you willing to pay?

You can make your own blog and post interesting plans for holidays. For example: flight + 4 stars hotel in Paris for just 199€. There are a lot of bookies that are looking for affiliates