All 10 of my Proxies Have Been Blacklisted

So a couple days ago, I check on Jarvee and I see this: (click the image and see the whole thing)

I run Instagram accounts on Jarvee for 20 clients. I use ten “Instagram proxies” from highproxies, and have 1-3 accounts on each. I have come to the conclusion that Instagram has simply blacklisted many or all of the “Instagram proxies” provided by highproxies. I also believe it has to do with the fact that these proxies were linked to data servers, which Instagram can identify.

I have told my clients that due to “technical difficulties” their automation will be paused for a maximum of 48 hours, while I search for the best alternative. That was 36 hours ago.

In my research I’ve recently learned about mobile proxies, which I thought could be the best way for me to go, but they are not affordable for me (that I’ve found).

I also am trying to understand why some people “rotate proxies.” This is a very confusing topic for me because I thought the more IPs an account logs in from, the more attention it will draw from Instagram.

Anyway I bought a rotating proxy to try out. Seems to work fine for the 2 accounts I am currently testing it with (Another confusing thing: it apparently rotates by itself between 5 IPs, and I thought I was gonna have to enable some rotate-proxy feature on Jarvee but is that not the case?). BTW the site was blazingseo that I bought the rotating proxy and it was $11.

After asking some questions with their support I learned that they recommend one account per proxy. Which…I was planning to use 3-4 on these, so that’s unfortunate. I’m not really interested in buying an $11 rotating proxy for every single client.

I’m now a bit discouraged. I found a site with promising reviews that has Instagram-optimized proxies that have a “mobile footprint” (I’m not totally sure what that means but it sounds ideal). These proxies are affordable, and only slightly higher cost than the ones I was using from highproxies. Also, they only have proxy IPs from Russia. I was hoping for U.S. based proxies because that’s where all of my clients (except one) are based.

I’m going to throw another $40 to RSocks (that’s the site name) and see if these will work. I really hate that I’d be accessing clients accounts with Russia IP, but really hoping this won’t bother Instagram. I doubt there’s many users who use IG daily from 2 different countries :persevere:

So…now that I have demonstrated how clueless and lost I am, does anyone have any advice, feedback, questions, or comments? :smiley:

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For proxies @HenryCooper is your man. 4$ for a 1:1 mobile proxy of top quality, but you could also run his raw-mobile proxies for clients and put 10 accounts on those, that would be 2$ per account for a proxy. Spending 11$ account is madness.

The point of a rotating proxy is to make it seem more human like. A normal person moves around and their IP changes as they connect to new towers. Although I have heard proxies that rotate TOO often can cause problems.


get a 2/3 raw mobile proxy

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Thank you so much for the response!

That is great news! I just finished reading an excellent post by @HenryCooper and I would love to get some proxies from him. How can I order or get in touch?

I think this is allowed? Here’s his website


I have no idea, tis my first day here!

But clearly a true friend, risking it anyway! :joy: :rofl:

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Thank you!

Could you tell me more about a 2/3 mobile proxy?

Since he has that info on his profile, it is lol


Haha yeah makes sense. I’m slightly paranoid of linking websites that sell something

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There are some mobile providers that sell mobile proxies for around $4 a piece. I would buy those for your client accounts.

I understand your thoughts - had the same. But it really does not matter where your proxys are as long as the IPs are clean.

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Yeah most of my DC proxies got hit in the past three weeks. There are a few that are still surviving, but I’ve wasted enough time trying to find new DC proxies and so now I’m focusing on mobile because I’m sure every DC proxy will eventually be hit!


Same thing I have been thinking!

that is why you should never charge $20ish per Client


Yeah my main focus has become creating really high quality accounts and putting them on mobile proxies. It might take much more time but they will last so much longer. Still I think it would be wise to have a few accounts on datacenter/residental proxies to experiment and learn how IG changes their detection.

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which ones are more safe for business accounts?

His mobile proxies are for client management but can also be used for accounts you want top safety on, but no spam or shady stuff. Raw-mobile is cheaper since you can add 10-15 accounts on a 20$ proxy, these are great and can be used for more diverse purposes. There are also datacenter proxies for spam and all that stuff.


Using 1:1 account per proxies is top. We started using residentials ipv6 at very low price in europe and they work very well.

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Can i ask which ones? :slightly_smiling_face:

Uuuh man, why not first make sure that your setup runs / is stable before you go for clients that bring extra pressure?

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