Alternative to for scraping email addresses?

Hello all, I’m trying to experiment with new ways to create email lists, does anyone have a suggested tool or technique? Specifically, I’m typing certain search strings into Google, and then using “Data Miner” to export them into CSVs. I would like to be able to use the domains to extract or harvest email addresses from them. Anyone have a convenient solution to do so? Here’s an example where I did a test run:

Yes. The best way to do this is first to scrape hundreds of millions of Instagram accounts including their data, like emaill address. Then do a search in your new database in the bio field for the keyword “dental” or anything else.

Then email the users that also include their email addresses.

You can also use these email lists in Lookalike Ads. DM if you need a hand or explaining how to.

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Hello bro, im really interested in that, could you explain it more detailed?

snov . io is good

I would recommend you Dropcontact. It is very precise and can get you many emails.