[AMA] Ask Me Anything About MY Experience With Jarvee

Hi there :slight_smile: :wave:

Since I might have some free time in the future period, I’ve decided to create this thread and maybe help some community members if possible.

This forum helped me so much during the past years, so I decided to give back to the community.

If there is something you would like to ask me about my experience with Jarvee, now is the time.

I have been using it for a few years already for my personal goals and my experience could be helpful.
Don’t expect me to share the best settings, the best strategy, the best methods, I’m willing to share suggestions based on my experience. :slight_smile:


Are you suffering from scraper deaths frequently? What ratio do you suggest?

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Hi. No one wants to give there secret methods, but I’d love to learn more about creating my own scraper accounts. I’m not trying to make to sell, just to help reduce my outsourcing a bit.

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I made a thread about this, it might be a good start.


Maybe you should link it @CARNIVORE :see_no_evil:

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Thank you :innocent:

I tried it and just got so many errors with all the sms providers not sending the code. Tried lots of diffferent countries. Used the same proxy ip country as sms. Even used sms companies for manual accounts and they are useless I make my own scrapers with real numbers but Don’t want to handmake scrapers when I need hundreds of them.

Must be an easy and cheap way to automate them. Are there any email adresses that work well that don’t require PV?

It might get to the point where you have to find a solution for handmaking them lmao…

I feel you on the sms providers, just gotta keep doing it. I’m lowkey slowly moving away from Jarvee.


Scrapers usually die in some intervals, but frequently. I don’t get attached to scrapers to much :smiley: I feel best when there are 3 or more scrapers per one main account.

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I create scraper accounts with Jarvee create accounts tool. I just use simple format to import accounts, like this:
email,account-username,account-password,proxy-ip:port,proxy-username,proxy-password,full_name,website_url,biography,gender,isprivate,phone,profilePicture,email-password,emailServer,use phone provider

So basically I buy cheap proxies for this. Jarvee automatically generates and adds random username and password, so only proxy is enough.

I import the file with this format when I click on IMPORT ACCOUNTS in the IG Create accounts tool in the Global Tools and check the option to use phone verification for account creation.

I use the sms-activate.ru for phone verifications and it’s set in the Connectivity tab. Some time service fails but then you can reprocess that account creation.

Then you just start the tool :slight_smile:

I don’t get attached to these accounts as they will die eventually. You can also do basic stuff like adding a profile image, bio, some basic following, liking and story viewing, but at a very low point just to do some basic warming up.

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And of course, check this guide that @CARNIVORE made, see different stuff and test :slight_smile:

I recently used service called yandex to create emails since they don’t require phone verification and so far emails created there are fine :slight_smile:

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Thanks Bianca, it’s nice to see when community members are there for each other :slight_smile:

You’ve inspired me so I will probably make the similar thread as well :slight_smile:


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Thank you for doing this! I’ve seen you active a lot over the years and you helped me and dozens of other members dozens of times with your response. Thank you :pray:

As for my question, are you doing M/S at the moment? Having success?

Do you feel like having email added on helps?

Also regarding my guide, sometimes no bio and profile pic actually lasts longer, which is weird

Hey! I’ve just start f/uf method on an account with 10,400 followers and they are following 7,400

It won’t let them follow any more people so i have started unfollowing people, how low would u look to get the following amount before retrying following someone ?

I got so much valuable information here on the forum, so I’m happy to be able to give back :slight_smile:
At the moment I’m doing very basic stuff and don’t have many accounts, it’s going fine. Yes, using M/S method.

Really? :smiley: I never thought that this would be the case so didn’t try doing it this way, thanks for sharing insights. :slight_smile:

It’s good to show that you are also interested in others content and others profiles, so I wouldn’t go so low with followings, maybe unfollow to have around 6500, then follow few days, then start unfollow few days. You can use the enable automatic follow unfollow option that you can find in the follow and unfollow tools. You can set the settings and these tools will switch between each other automatically based on your settings :slight_smile:

Great Thread & Idea!! Thanks!

  • I would be interested in your Warm-Up ideas?
  • Importing recently created accounts and starting their journey, what kind of timeframes and settings did you find worked best?