[AMA] Instagram’s A**hole 2019, ask me about anything instagram

Hi Everyone,

Some of you might recognized me as Instagram A**hole from other places which I launched a AMA long time ago, some of you might not. But let me introduce myself for those of you that do not know me, I’m by no means an absolute expert in the field of Instagram but I’ve been around for 4 years playing around and still learning as of today.

I started out in early 2015 lurking forums for a full 6 months straight with endless reading which got me into a significant problem which is “overloading of ideas” this is the most dangerous for any internet marketer who first started out as you’ll NOT know what to do and constantly seeking the “BEST” idea and guaranteed method of money making(Which doesn’t exist). I recommend all new internet marketers dive head first and think later, the money you’ll lost are valuable tuition fees for your years to come.

I grab my balls and decided to start with adult niche via twitter, it worked fairly decent and ran a couple hundreds of accounts. During this process I was a absolute newbie in 2015 which was making around 400-500 weekly with couple hundreds of accounts, then the boom of the instagram train came along and switched it after due to twitter tightening everything because of the founder’s account got hacked.

It was back to square one again but this time learning from my twitter experience about spin tax, scrapping and profiling. Things got easier with IG but IG was a fairly decent challenge as it was SO sensitive compared to twitter, and I started out botting on main account which was ok as “shadowban” and “ghosting” wasn’t happening back then, I started growing a babe account on IG during 2016 and started doing that. After which gave me that brilliant idea of managing client’s account for growth and at that time NOT much competition or any that I know of are doing it commercially, which I initially tried to run it and sell the service via my local country(that didn’t go very well), it did get me 1-2 clients but they were nowhere any good due to their perception of IG isn’t that strong because IG was only starting to get hype there with tons of social network such as snapchat coming into the scene and growing rapidly popular which makes lots of businesses wary and confused at the same time. Then I started to try get clients overseas such as US, UK, Germany, France and etc, first tier cities and it worked quite well. During that period I tried many ways of doing things such as how to get clients onboard, how to get leads, how to do mass emailing, mass sms and etc.

I think I was charging back then 250$/Monthly and generated a constant stable 55 clients concurrently at the end of 2016(or early 2017) but it was a nightmare to manage all of them alone. Then somethings happened and I abandoned all of it and decided to take a year rest from it and travel all around south east asia, then got back into IG again during mid 2018 and have been here all along and intend to take it further than what I earlier established.

I would say I’m fairly decent at closing clients right now, and would say I’m fairly experienced in IG. But of course I’m doing new things now and developing new methods of growth and reading into psychology of various internet giants monetization which helps me greatly in developing new method of growth and providing clients added value.


  1. Started with twitter adult niche (400-500$ Income/weekly).
  2. Started the idea of providing growth for clients
  3. Got 55 concurrent clients monthly charging at 250$/monthly
  4. Took a year break to travel.
  5. Came back in mid 2018 and intend to rock on and surpass my previous record.

Do ask me any questions you’ve such as closing clients, how to generate new clients, how to get better follow back ratio % etc… and I’ll try to answer as much details as I can.

Best Regards,
Instagram’s Asshole


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Hi, great topic, enjoyed reading your story. How do you qualify a source for f/u automation? I.e. when you open several profiles how do you know which one is good to use as a source? Thanks.


It would depends on what kind of use you would want your list to be and are you seeking for a high followback ratio to amount of followings you do.

If you’re looking for medium amount of followback ratio I’d say try looking for accounts between 50K - 100K sizes or even you could stretch to 150K followers account. I’d not try to look for accounts bigger than that as accounts larger might have quite a big of data and the data might not be worth the time for you to scrape as you’d need to filter them out and these accounts have probably higher amount of in-active/fake followers. The smaller the account the better I would say, the best and “ideal” size would be between 20K - 50K but it takes much more work in getting these accounts, calculating it’s engagement & comments ratio to followers.

Hence if you’re looking for larger account I would say try to do a weak - medium strength filtering on those followers after scrapping with an external tool, this way you’d save more actions perform daily(on your growing accounts) as when you’re using automation tools to do scrapping each scrape is a query using the private API. Which is why I’d always suggest someone use a external tool to do it, you can buy aged dummy accounts to do it and you’ll be able to scrape and filter hundreds of thousands of data(while using multiple threading).

You can of course achieve a really HIGH follow back ratio even UP TO 50% but it takes real work to do it since you’ll need tons of 20K - 50K profiles and you’ll need to perform heavy filtering on those accounts which takes a lot of time. I can go a lot more into detail about how these work but I would think it’ll be really advance, but if you’d like to know I can definitely take some time to think how to explain it in an easier way for you to digest.



What are some good follow settings to stay safe and follow around 400-500 daily? With good delays etc.

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Best methods for generating new clients? My literal only weakness is client acquisition and it’s killing my income.


Nice, I enjoyed reading this same thread on BHW. Why was it closed?


Me too hehe. This thread got me into client management.

Nice thread @2xdswu , here we go :grin::grin:

I learned a lot from OP. Some of his ideas around scraping and filtering gave me the footing to become the scrape and targeting master I am now lol


Thank you for welcoming me :slight_smile:, definitely would share these as well.

What I would advise all growth managers or individual who is looking to increase their followback ratio is to get a standalone tool that scrapes and filtering. You can buy those, create customs one yourself or even using automation tools that provides scraping and filtering functions.

Get a few dummy aged accounts cheap and just PV them with those SMS panels which reuses sim card, it’ll not matter as these accounts are only accounts used for scraping and filtering and are disposable.

Most of the time you can scrape public/private profile, but however do make sure these accounts have profile picture(HUGE DIFFERENCE) and you’re scraping from are of those example I given “ideally” 20K - 50K with really good engagement to followers ratio, I tend to stick to public accounts only if I wanna maximize my followback ratio, but in a case of having tons of accounts to manage within the same niche, it is fine with scraping private accounts as well(however it’ll slightly decrease the followback ratio).

Which brings me now to filtering, some tools might not have this feature but what I’m referring to is a feature to be able to check how long ago was the latest post of the account posted. I would not take accounts that didn’t post longer than 6months, but however do note that when using this function it’ll significantly slow your filtering time by half as it’s using 2 query per filter of 1 follower, 1 for all other details and 1 for scraping latest 18 post.

With the above you want to be able to look at next is followers & followers.

How popular of an account would actually take notice of you and follow you OR these account with those amount of followers are doing the same U/UF as you. I would personally stick to under 1,200 followers and under 600 followings.

Next you can set your amount of post the accounts have, I would set it AT LEAST 50 post and to 9,999. As the minimum amount of post is what you’re actually looking for, hence the maximum does not really matter.

Next is an additional filtering if you wanna do it but however this might significantly reduces your filtered list results, what I’m referring to is you can filter via sex(Male/Female). What most scraping/filtering tools allows is you to input a whitelist of “first name” “last name”, what I’d do is gather as much of girls name and guys name through websites that give free list of names updated 2019. You could do it for difference languages as well, but some language will not work as they don’t have the standardize US english keyboard characters, so becareful when using this, but it’ll work if your tool allows you to use UTF-8 and won’t interfere.

Other things you can consider as well is to filter bio(using keywords), website link, verified badges.

I’ve gone pretty in-depth in these for helping gain higher percentage in follow-back ratio, hope it helps those of read this.

Didn’t know about this, I’ll avoid these questions whenever it pops up. I’ll try to find level 1 rules for posting as well after this reply.

There are tons of methods to reach a client, but don’t be stingy with getting a good sales pitch written for you by hiring a freelance sales writer. The little difference goes a long way, even using HTML type of emails is great as well. There are tons of way to improve and acquire leads easily, but improving those little aspect is what really matters over a long period of trying to example cold calling/emailing.

The best methods that I know is to bring clients on the phone, no matter what you do bringing them on the phone would be your best bet to analyse their situation, educate and to test their interest level, as long as they’re willing to be on the phone with you, you’re already one step ahead in closing them.

Don’t mind too much on trying to close them immediately on phone, some clients take time and some clients take patience. There are many times businesses wouldn’t be able to afford at the price of your service but willing to be one your client after some period when business is better and they want to take it to a next level however never let any client undervalue your service or underpriced it. Once you do so you’ll start to have doubts and may even devalue your own service.

Note that every client you talk on the phone is an opportunity, keep close to them as you’ll never know when they are ready!

Thank you for the nice comment there. I was framed(would not go into more details). But it’s over and done, so I don’t really care anymore and am just chillin.


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Glad that you’re doing well now, it’d be great if we could connect if we both have time. But enjoy yourself here and try to help me out with other member’s questions if you know the answer to some questions that they asked.


Where’s the “Delagarde AMA on Filtering and Targetting”?! :wink:


Thank you very much for the time you spend to help us! I have 2 questions in my mind, 2 things that i struggle with currently and any answer will be very appreciated as i can’t find a solution for a month now :frowning:

  1. Proxies, very discussed theme, but can’t get it to work. I am trying to grow accounts and sell them in future, that’s why i need stable proxies… Is it true that only mobile proxies will suit for this purpose?
  2. Growth… I currently gain around 35 followers/day first month (including warming-up etc.) and after that like 80-100 with 500 follows daily. As I see some people reach upto 300 which makes me think that i can improve something… I upload only high engagement posts, using 30 hashtags (low/med) i check likes on top posts and i try to rank for there, and i do build connection between my accounts, using call to actions on every post… What am I missing? Is it maybe in hashtag scraping?

Sorry in advance for my bad english, its not my native language.