[AMA] Instagram’s A**hole 2019, ask me about anything instagram


Ahaha the depth of knowledge is such that I would have to stop the client management and become one of those pdf-selling gurus :joy::joy: If you did a thread I would be all over there though :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Sure man, I’m down, will hit you up :wink: I’ll drop in when I can, but there is a lot that’s been covered in the level 2, I learnt a ton there by just reading, really all the basics are covered.

I will agree with all your insights on filtering so far and the importance of having the right tools at your disposal. Really you get out of it what you put in in terms of time effort and resources and testing.

  1. Please explain more on this “stable proxies” how do you determine if they’re stable, as different people have different interpretation on the meaning. Hence it’s hard for my to explain what would suit or work for you the best, I’d recommend you trying to use rotating residential proxies which and test with different provider but running accounts on them can be expensive over time as residential proxies providers usually charges by GB used. However if you get your hands on mobile 4G residential proxies then it would be even better since it’ll be using a legit mobile IP. Best would be use more account and test with different various sources to see which works for you, as like every settings is different for everyone.
  2. You can read above about how to increase the daily follow-back ratio, 80-100 is a pretty normal number for doing U/UF if you’re just using normal. The other factor would be your account’s content, which hugely affect your followers ratio as well as your bio description. I mentioned that improving in small little area goes a long way like these small improvement.


At the moment i have a dozen of manually picked sources ranging from 5k to 50k. I get around 90-100 followbacks from 300-400 follows per day. With a couple of sources the followback ratio is 50% whereas in other cases it’s around 10-15%. Anything below 10% is disqualified.

I’m using Jarvee for f/u automation. Could be wrong but I think it comes with a scraping tool too, will check it out.

More details would be really appreciated too if there is anything else you would like to share. Thanks!


What are some good follow filters to use to get a good follow back %?

Good Proxies?

Good accounts?


Hey man! I am about to get a new client/business but I am already worried about how long I can keep them over a long period of time. They are a sales company which is looking for new sales people and of course new clients for themselves. However they have a very small audience (students from 3 different cities) and I was wondering if you know how I could handle this as I have the feeling that I would run out of people to follow very quickly.


This is part of running a service business like ours. This will always be a worry.

What up 2X, this is Race. Remember last year when we tried to scrape emails to build a client list? Didn’t work so well. Happy New Year! Hope you’re good.


You need to provide consistent value to your customers. This will help you build a relationship with them, which will encourage them to stick around longer. How do you provide value? By simply offering a good service. Get good results, answer questions, communicate regularly, etc.


That’s some pretty good ratio, a general rule is to set yourself a rule to stick to it. Your rule off anything below 10% is a good rule tbh, again. Always test test test, but never test too many feature at one go because you’ll NOT know which one of the features you enable actually helped you but the other cause you to decrease in %. I used to test various sources for 1-2 weeks for each and every feature that I’m playing with, yes it does take time but at the end of the day you’ll touch on psychological and is the best valuable resource that you’ve because you’ll be able to replicate it anywhere even in offline businesses. Never think that anything you learn online can’t be use for offline.

I’m not sure what are details you want me to give, but if you hit me with some specific question it’ll be better for me to try to help you :slight_smile: else I’ll be typing like a headless chicken.

  1. I mentioned about the follow back % in the above, you can refer back to it. I’ve even explain each in detailed, it depends on you to test it. I can’t exactly give you the answer else you won’t test and rely on my answer, always remember one man setting’s is not another man’s answer. My settings might work for what I do, but it might not for you.

  2. I create my own datacenter proxies, avoid getting proxies from companies that provide SEO service usually those IPs are already invisibly flagged for some reason although they aren’t use of social media. It’s like those IG and Google are sharing the same list of “limited IP list”. Also, you can try with residential proxies as well, it’s kinda expensive but you’ll be able to ran decently with a few accounts I estimated that an account would probably use around 500MB - 800MB monthly running 30 days. Or alternatively you can use mobile proxies, those works great as well.

  3. I prefer to get/buy aged account and know how they’re created and from what kind of Region/Platform/IPs, I won’t go into detail on this as this as I don’t want it to seem like I’m shilling/promoting, but what I can tell you as a buyer if buying aged account should ask for information on how it’s created and logically think if the account is any healthy. You can also ask for test accounts(usually) and blast it to the max OR test like any other main account you wanna grow to see how well it do.

OR I remember seeing a thread about creating accounts using via your phone

on this forum which is not that hard to do, you can try that as well. Not sure if it’s in lvl 1 or 2 so don’t wanna mention anything about it.

  1. What did you promised them to get onboard with you?
  2. What expectations did you give to your clients for your service?
  3. Did you say “YES” to everything and if yes, what did you say yes to. (YOU"VE TO REMEMBER)?
  4. Are you able to achieve what you promise?
  5. Did you share additional information about your service that client doesn’t need to know?

I’m not entirely sure what “sales compaany” means, but I’m assuming it got to do with consultation and/or mentoring sort of thing, but what I can tell you is that in our field of growth managers I’d NOT recommend anyone to promise sales/conversions the truth is there’s NO real way for anyone to track sales/conversion through the use of instagram growth service as the client can always turn back and say “How do we know if the sales were not gotten by our own organic traffic before you came” ?

Also never reveal more than what they should know, for example if I client asked you “How do you guys grow my account?” what would you say, would you be comfortable answering it or panic when being asked. And how do you reply it? It’ll be important as the client will know whatsup once you panic.

Which is why I suggest deliver what you set out to provide ALWAYS, and overdeliver to clients monthly and keep it consistent. Most clients usually stay with me for 3-6 months, no matter how expensive my service is. I would suggest anyone to question themselves three things.

  1. Am I being consistent with my deliver and meet my expectations?
  2. How can I lower my drop-rate of clients?
  3. How can I improve the quality of life for my clients and what can I provide to add more value?

Hey race.

It’s been good, actually very good. Hope you’re doing fine as well!

I agree with all the points you say as well!


How I can increase followers on Instagram fast?


Buy fake followers.

Easier and fastest, but have absolutely no benefits.


Thanks for the above. What’s your opinion on powerlikes in general and powerlike services?


Clients knew exactly what I’d do with their account before they even contacted me,which was automation. They were just looking for someone that they know has experience.

I didn’t promise them any results, the only thing that I promised was that I’d deliver 2 insta posts per week and that I’d grow their account.

I dont agree with ‘don’t tell them anything they don’t need to know’. We are doing something which goes against the TOS of Instagram, 90% of clients are okay with it and I give the other 10% an alternative that fits their needs.

Clients pay me a good amount of money because they trust me and know that I will do a good job and will keep them up-to-date on everything that I do.

But that probably has to do with type of clients.


Welcome to the forum!
I have read your threat and it sounded very interesting:)

I had a similar story, but for the only difference that I started working for a competitor and back in 2017 and I closed around 120 deals in 3 months at the price of on average 250-300 USD. There tha stystem was based on bonuses: every 3000 Euro we will get 250 euro. I arrived at 30k in 2 months :slight_smile: ahah then at the 4th month I thought that I was too good for them and I wanted to make this money for myself… so I decided to open my own company and now I have office and people working for me, with an average of 120-150 usd per plan.
We sold quite good, and we are growing fast, but of course I am aware that all this is due to my sales skills, because a normal person would have not made it with such huge competition with companies that sell for 20uSd the same service. Although we keep the level as high as possible, and we do all possible to make the highest results to give them value and difference in quality.
It was nice to meet you and if you have any questions shoot :hugs:



A lot of good stuff in this thread.

Could you tell us about the hashtag strategy you are using ?



They’re still decent now but was kinda hit hard back in last year november, viral is kind of dead to me in the sense of what it used to be. But however it will still work for certain niches and you’ll have to know what you’re doing in order to achieve results of growth and getting viral. I suggesting testing quite a bit with a longer span, I see a lot of people want to test powerlikes services in one day… that’s not how things works. It’s like automation you don’t just run the account one day and expects results right away.

Client’s aren’t going to understand what you do, even if you were to go into technical details it’s not help them understand even further. What I’m saying is don’t give your client’s to have anything bad to say about you when there’s nothing bad going on, if you want to be 100% transparent sure… go ahead. But do it in a way where it’s in “english” words that they"d understand. I realise the more technical you put it the lesser your closing rate would be.

That’s cool, in fact really cool. I like when people coming out and having their own passive income, the first step is always hard but once you take it. You go into the full on “YOLO” mode which makes life more interesting!

Let’s connect if you were to have any time.

I must say I’m not the best at #hashtags but generally what I said in this thread applies for myself and it should work for you as well, if you’d like more technical stuff I’d suggest you go into other threads that are specifically talking bout this!


hello thanks for share your thoughs, how do you aquire clients?


What are the best marketplaces for getting shoutouts or sponsored posts? Izea? Shoutcart? Who has the biggest reach out of all of them?


Hey guys,

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There’s lots of ways, 3 years back I was doing cold emailing. I still do now but I did not go even further but remaining using the same amount/method, scrape email from bio or profile contact and mass sending. Did you know that you can scrape email by parsing HTML from the account’s page without accessing your mobile, meaning usually you’ll have to see the contact button on your app but in this case you can scrape using web browser on your desktop by accessing source code. You can probably hire someone to make a windows application to do that for you, but you’ll still need to feed it sources to get email and everything from.

I now do something like create my own facebook & telegram group. And have found another method of acquiring clients but I’m still testing it with so I can’t get into much details about it but it looks and sound logical but sometimes logically making sense does not gives you any clients.

Honestly I do not use shoutouts or sponsored post, it’s because I can grow my own with my own experiences. I don’t rely on it, BUT do note shoutouts & sponsored post is NEVER meant for growing and never MEANT for sales/conversions.

Shoutouts & sponsored post is supposed to influence your buyers over time and get them to buy your stuff by collecting a loyal fan base through converting other’s fan base, meaning yes it does helps you get followers and sales/conversions. But you’ll need to know how to do it for example, there’s a reason why celebrities in hollywood does brand ambassador because they KNOW they’ll influence others to use it over time, you just need time patient and always add a twist when doing shoutouts OR sponsored posts.

For example asking people to hold your product and juggle with it, post it and mention the influencer you paid & yourself to stand to win a “blah blah blah”.

This is how you do influencer marketing(shoutouts & sponsored post) in the right way, and you’re both helping the influencer by giving them more followers by creating such campaigns with prizes and helping yourself to get more brand awareness.

Influencer marketing is a long-term game and the return is undeniably worth it but you need patience and also a little bit of research on influencers to use.

Thank you very much!

Really appreciate it!


Thanks for the reply, but I was referring to which marketplaces are best to monetize my account. I have accounts with 1M followers, but I am not monetizing well.