[AMA] Instagram’s A**hole 2019, ask me about anything instagram


Could you make / link a tutorial to make proxies? The way it works for you as recently I got a lot of problems with them


A lot of value in this thread, and too believe people pay for this info lol…


Hey man, all the info in this thread is very appreciated I discover a lot of valuable inf. Anyways I was wondering if you’ve had any experience using sslprivateproxy and if so how many accounts would you recommend per proxy?


Spend money on promotions, you need a lot of money!


I would really recommend you to write an eBook or make an IG course on how to grow an Account to 1M followers.

Or use click crowd (no ad) because it is a CPC Affiliate Network


I agree you should write a ebook I would definitely read it


Dmed,please check mate


I would say depending on your niche and goal, are those active followers with high engagements rate.

Have you tried branding your page and transit your followers into a brand, because if you’re looking to go long term branding always helps but it’ll take time to brand your page since you start ONLY at the late game. I always suggest building accounts from the ground up and start branding them when you get started with the page because the growth might be impacted to be slower by 10-20% but you’re playing the long run game hence it’ll always be more beneficial.

I can’t really tell you which way’s the best to monetize but if you’re asking about marketplaces to sell your shoutouts, I’d suggest you not doing that as shoutouts from niche pages prices will only get worst and worst. It might sustain you for awhile but these days businesses are getting more educated, you might be able to get some decent income from it but it’ll be cut off fairly quick when the growth services and client’s get more mature.

What kind of proxies you’re planning to make ?

It’s hard to use datacenter IPs to create proxies, and it can get costly so is mobiles proxies. I’m currently setting up mobile proxies to be able to use it for my growth services and I find that I’m able to run more accounts efficiently than running a single account on a datacenter proxy.

I might write a guide soon on how to create mobile proxies and also creating unlimited mobile instagram accounts under 50$ setup. These are two difference guides tho, because creating mobile proxies is much much more costly than creating instagram accounts because of the hardware setup.

Thank you very much, I’d prefer not to sell an e-book or anything. I’m pretty occupied right now hence always the late replies.

I certainly do, I used to use those 2 years back. Recently I tried using those proxies and few other suppliers such as proxy-n-vpn but right now it’ll be hard using those because of posting & liking blocks. I’d suggest not using those and instead get mobile proxies or residentials proxies(gotta do some testing with those, but they aren’t very stable from my test from different supplier). Hope that answers your questions.


Excited for this! Ive heard nothing but good things about mobile proxies and to make them myself would be super cool and more cost effective for long term


Great and usefull topic!
What software do you use for mobile proxies? Do you use VM or no? It will be great if you write manual how to create mobile proxies.


Hi buddy! Thanks for all the usefull information! Can you please give a brief explanation on the difference between normal proxies, residential proxies, and 4g proxies. Thanks again!


Data center proxy:
hides your home IP address and all the information related to it, only the datacenter proxy is displayed

Residential proxy:
IP address that is provided by an Internet Service Provider (ISP) and allocated to a homeowner

Mobile proxy:
IP address from a certified mobile carrier that offers mobile internet connection


The datacenter has not a location, while the residential has one. The mobiles are like the residentials, just that they are mobile internet connections.

For automation purposes: residentials are safer then datacenter and mobiles more safer then residentials. But it depends on what you’re doing. For high quality work go with the safer ones, for spamming with the cheaper ones.


I hope I explained everything right. I’m new to this, so when I explained something wrong feel free to correct me :slight_smile:


We are doing our own Data proxy, with Virgin IPs And they work perfectly for grow/fake/Le.
Easy to do just need a bit of tech knowledge. We are now going to make mobiles soon! Will keep you updated


I would strongly advise you to not sell via DM.


I am not promoting, because I don’t sell proxies I just want to keep updated about the “how-to-do” Proxy thing.
Just a little interpretation problem I guess :blush:


Nice journey so far mate! Sounds like a little travel break done you good… looking forward to see what you do next! I’m still learning with IG


how are people growing organically? I can’t find out how to do it myself.


@2xdswu thanks a lot for this dope thread, going to start reading your long thread on bhw right now, hopefully I’ll find nice gold nuggets on targeting and filtering, unless you tell me the info there is too outdated!? (saw it is from 2017) :slight_smile:
May I ask what tool you use for scraping and filtering though, you said you use an external tool, can you recommend any? I am using imristo scraper rn, but it has some features missing… If the answer to this question is in your bhw thread, don’t bother answering :wink: