Amazing tip to get 30% follow ratio sources

Hey guys :sunglasses:

Here my key secrets that I use to get the most ultimate Follow back ration! This can work for any niche you want…

  1. Look for repost page / the repost accounts are usually purely having quality followers
  2. Go on Social blade and identify repost pages which use bot. Easy to check by their number of Follow unfollow
  3. Putting 5 sources on jarvee
  4. Wait couple of days
  5. Filter the best one. I usually only take 30% Follow back ratio at the minimum!!
  6. Enjoy the growth with your top accounts!

If you have another tip guys! Please feel free to share them :sunglasses::clap:



Also, make sure to target people who have anywhere from 3,000 to 50,000 followers. Always see better follow ratios with those size accounts!


Thank you for sharing!
But I think you should put some your results for more clarity :wink:

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At least 50% follow back on your main account if you already steal the followers of those accounts with your slaves. That also increases the trust of your main account, therefore, increasing the reach.

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pls can you tell me how to use social blade identify repost pages which use bot. Easy to check by their number of Follow unfollow what he mean by that thx

Just check some page that’s doing a lot of follow/unfollows, that unfollow for example 250+ accounts daily or every second day, they are probably not doing it manually. So if they use bot for that, they are probably using bot to repost posts also.


The problem is not a lot of repost accounts do use bots, some do of course but it would take a while to find them.

I think if someone designed an automation software that looks up accounts with daily fluctuations in their followings that would be an actual gold mine of best follow sources. I just wish Jarvee could create something like this.

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thx so much pls can you help with your settings to get that hight backration i use the option of follow users that liked and comment in the post but the i get only 10 followers a day and i follow 200 a day pls help

Just read what OP wrote :slight_smile: use socialblade to check the fluctuations in the follows of different accounts and test a lot

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I’m unsure I understand. You target the same account with both your slave and master? And high follow back increases trust score?? I thought IG discourages f/uf.

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  1. Steal the followers with slaves.
  2. Steal the followers with your master from your slaves.
    Since the followback ratio is higher, your relevancy, trust score is higher too.
    Spammers have less followback ratios.
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why not just DM them?

Would love to see a screenshot of your actual results! Thanks for the technique!

You can´t dm many people without looking spammy and with the new algos IG bans you right away. Sending lots of Dms is the fastest way for account deletion now.

it will take a lot of time to find these accounts if you manage many accounts :slight_smile: I would better scrape and choose only those who are following large numbers and is obviously using F/U :slight_smile:

not to those who follows you I think? or have you gotten warned for sending DM to your own followers?

I have always been using IGaudit to determine if an account is solid or not.
I really would appreciate someone elaborating more on socialblade. I tried searching the forum, and I did find many threads, but not what I was looking for. Once you lookup an account, how do you spot if the account is good or not? I understand that you should look at the number of follows and unfollows. But how big of a difference between the follow and unfollow would you say is acceptable?

I just took a random influencer, and I can see that this person is gaining followers daily and suddently some days 10x higher than the normal average. No unfollowing is done, but to be honest to me it looks kind of fishy. Maybe someone who has a bettet eye for socialblade can explain this and one should observe these numbers

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Cool idea! I like the concept :sunglasses:

To be true…it seems very suspicious for me !

How can you get 65K followers in one month without F/UF?

Those followers are either fake. Or its a huge page of millions followers. Or he has a solid army or slaves accounts! :sunglasses:

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I refer to these as feeder accounts. Good for increasing follow backs but typically are not very quality followers, and typically don’t engage much.