Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


I’ve been using instagram mobile emulators for a while for reading info from instagram. Two hours ago (2019-11-05 05:00 CEST) all of them have been blocked…
I’ve followed all good practices and hints, rent high-quality proxies, etc, and it’s worked until now…
Has somebody had same issues today?


Got around 20 compromised / phone verify out of 100 accounts just two hours ago, were running smoothly before


I just have my own account running from my home IP, and got a hard 3-day block for the first time! :frowning:


I got a few phone verify to blank page to account compromised about two hours ago as well.


i got many AC and hard blocks too.

one client has been stopped 5 days ago and already offline my servers and she got an hard block with the wave of today. (not performing any actions!)


Got 8 hard blocks on my accounts, one account only does not have any.
Very weird because they are same aged, same settings and same proxy…


interesting, same shit here, hard blocks and ACS

accounts that are working perfect for last 3 weeks hitting daily limits getting hard blocks and ACs… zero reset device IDS, clearing cookies or log outs and log ins… also ex-clients reporting 7-day-hard blocks Months after stopping working with us. Mkay


Yeah hit too out of the blue no automation for a month 7 day hard block


my 90% account get block. almost 95% using jarvee.
1proxy for 10acc split.
using EB


Yes, also seen blocks in the last two days on accounts that have been good for months.
It’s a never-ending game.


I have been getting ac from last week. Few accounts a day. Today got two PV but they were actually AC under cover. Some of my clients are losing patience :frowning:


those issues might be related to latest updated, that occured yesterday /version 118.0/


At this point I think anything can happen at anytime to any account. There is no safe setting. Accounts working well for month suddenly getting ac and hard blocks. Accounts have problems before suddenly running smooth and hitting daily limits :joy:


Zero blocks here for a month, zero after the update. In my case in the last weeks I see it’s
more the quality of the account than the proxy (which is still super important), but even with best proxy your account would be stopped.
Also, I strongly believe it’s not about resting an account completely after doing too many actions, but actually using the account as a normal user. You can rest it for a month after going too hard and you will get another block month later.

PS: If you are serious about automation I recommend setting up your “lab” of 30-50 accounts just for testing and do them no matter if it things are running well or not. The more accounts, the more tests you can run simultainously.


only accounts I am running is clients… dropped you a DM couple of days ago btw


I’ve been preaching this but people seem to want to try out new settings and go hard once the rest time is over. You’ll always end up last in IG class when you’re waiting it out.


definitely PV wave as of today, got another client reporting AC, account was doing perfectly fine, J dashboard sees it as PV


Anyone unable to watch stories inside the instagram app? Is there a block for watching instagram stories? I was using a story view tool, is this instagram’s way of blocking it? - Also happened this morning since the new instagram update.


Was this account watching Stories now or in the past? I think is related to Stories again. I received the PV/AC wave too.


none of the accounts been watching stories (in terms of what people refer to ) watched 10-15 a day max ever in their history.