Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


I can’t watch stories in JV. I get error code 100.


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No AC in my best accounts, warming up some problematic very slowly. other ones imppossible to grow, 1 month rest, doing manual actions very slowly. Anyway, I stopped all tools today just in case, better not to abuse.


Yes. Having same issue. Keep getting “no more results found” issue, and others seem to be getting blocks.


No AC or PV’s here or extra blocks, at all.


please share your settings


how you do that, cool


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I am having problems with new accounts, not ever used bots. I start doing manual actions,3/3 next day 5/5/5, next day 7, after 10, and after they start getting AB…anyone having same issue?, how to work with these new accounts? thanks


Are you talking about Clients Accounts?


yes, client accounts


Lots of ACs and PVs here as well as of this AM.


Do you use Scrape Accounts? I think this wave has been for exceed some number of API calls. My accounts with AC/PV are the scrapper accounts and accounts performing Actions without having a scrapper.


@Pezkaito We use both - and oddly enough the only ones hit today were the ones NOT using scrapers.


Had some scrapers hit as well, just on one ip subnet though. Others completely untouched.:face_with_monocle:


One thing, what is PV?


phone verification.


Try to scrape in eb, i am doing eb and api for scraping and none of them had any problem