Another AC block wave/hard-block wave [2019-11]?


Do we think this is an instagram block or bug?


Things were working so well before the update…


Lots of PVs on client accounts :confused:


The scale of PV’s must be really big, because I saw slight, unexpected increase in web visits/ action today, less distractions from other pages :+1:


what JV told me was to use a slave/scrape account and feed it to your main and use the new emulated api to follow. I haven’t tried it yet because we all know how bad the api is.


i get the AC massage in 2 accounts of my

  1. using J low setting
  2. using manual fast actions
    but don’t get block only changeling password and get back working again


emulated API meaning turn EB follow/comment/like off and just do it via API?


Only about 5% of my accounts got hit with AC/PV.


yeah. have you tried it?


Many client accounts here as well - and of course they all flip out. SMH. IG can you just leave us the f*ck alone for like one week.


AC is different from PV. I noticed some accounts get PV but no sign of AC. I just wonder those got PV are those havnt linked any phone?


anyone using the api to follow?


I know AC is different from PV. In this case it starts as a PV then goes to a blank screen then eventually turns into an AC. And it doesn’t send the code to the phone attached, it asks for a number to send a code. You put in number, it sends code but there’s no place to put the code - just a blank screen.


7 days of hard block is rising. Just do follow action


Yes the exact same thing is happening to our clients - I have fielded over 40 emails already with users who faced this.


there is a setting in the social profiles that say use full emulation api


@nateq123, where do you see than option?


Anybody knows what error 581 is?


its in the social profiles, advance settings.


Have had 5 accounts hit as of yesterday and consistently after 12 hour rest periods since then. I am using scrape tool on different software. 1 IPV4 proxy per account and API limits reached on all.