Answer tool for Quora - Jarvee

I just have a question regarding the Answer tool in Jarvee for Quora. I’ve extracted the questions using the keywords that I need and sent the questions to “Use Questions” then I clicked on “Add Answer” to one of the questions and used the spintax to have multiple answers.

When I selected the questions and “Sent to Answers” it only added one question, and all of the answers that I spinned went to that specific question only. How can I use the answers for all of the questions in an automated way?

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If you wish to have answers for all empty questions, please click on the respective option shown on the image below instead of clicking on Add Answers individually.

This will generate a pop-up box where you can add the answers which will be used for all questions that you have.

If you’ll watch the video from, from 0:36 - 0:24, it only added the answers to the first question on the table. Then from 0:20 - 0:00, we selected ‘Add Answers to All Empty Questions’, and the two remaining questions on the list were added with the 4 answers we specified.