Any bloggers interested in pooling social signals?

To be completely honest, I’m really only using MP to drive social signals to my blogs at the moment. I still have a few Social accounts I’m actively working, but 90% of my accounts are just sock / throwaway supporting the others.

Would anyone be interested in joining forces to use MP to send social signals to each other?

Workflow would be pretty simple:

  • Create a new destination list & add any of the Twitter / FB / G+ / Pinterest / Tumblr accounts you’d be willing to use
  • Create a new campaign. We share RSS feeds of our blogs & we all share each other’s content on our accounts.

What does this do? First of all, it potentially gets your blog post out in front of a new audience on those social platorms. Secondly, it increases your social signals. While not the be-all, end-all of SEO, they have been shown to help ranking / indexing.

Plus, it’s just nice to look at your blog post & see that it’s been shared 75 times!

That’s a good idea @trolling4dollars I hope you can find some users that are working on their social signals as well so you can cooperate together for better results. This is going to be a WIN - WIN situation for all :wink:

Nice idea indeed :slight_smile: good luck with it.