Any Flickr Bots out there?

As a photogrpaher I am looking for ways to auto some actions on Flickr. I was looking around found several browser plugins but they seem to not work anymore…

I am looking for these options:

  • liking/favouring recent posts/home
  • like whoever commented or liked a specific account woud be an awesome option
  • Do you know an easy way to find out who is not following back?
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It’s pretty easy to do with imacros, you can hire someone on fiverr to do it for about 20$ / 50$

I did a custom script for it like many years ago (people still use Flickr???!!), but didn’t got much results from it.

Behance seemed to work better on my experience. Although I will go for IG if you asked me now.

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Imacro that is what i had found but it didnt work anymore. I will give it a try on fiverr saw many offers for imacro jobs. Thanks for that. Heard about fiverr but never used it.

Actually instagram, which i started too late, last year, is oversaturated with photographers and its hard to find audience at least for my niche in photography. I realized in flickr I have about a tenth of the followers compared to IG and similar amount of views. Thought i give it a try. Also flickr comes to google search sometimes. IG almost never unless you have your own page linking to your IG post or embed I guess.

You use imacro with Behance or other bots?