Any G+ strategies?

I know G+ is kinda dead, but there still seems to be some people there. Any strategies for getting likes and followers there? There seems to be a lot of strategies for the other networks, it would be nice to see some things for G+

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This is something I’ve wanted to play around with for ages and not had chance to set anything up. It’s be super interesting to see if anyone is having success with it.

To be honest, I’ve never seen someone managed to get something out of G+

For example, check Coca Cola’s official G+ page. Their last post there was 40+ weeks ago, they got about 1K likes on it and about 100 comments… And they have 2M followers.

If you’re looking to get traffic from there, forget about it, but if you’re into SEO then you should use G+ since it’s Google product and they probably value your website presence on their network.


Yeah on further inspection I think it’s a dead network.

Tried to find some communities and they’re all pretty inactive or completely full of spam.

Agree with this, very important if you want to be seen by the Google machine.

If anyone else has some success please do let us know.

It kind of is a dead network, the only thing you can use it for is to get more g+ in case you have that showing on your site. It also might help with raking on g+ … but that’s just speculation ( might be true though since it’s owned by google) .

I basically just have a feed that automatically posts a link to my G+ page. I’m not tracking it so should probably take a looksee.

I did a follow/unfollow for 2 months using G+. Amount of followers added: zero. Groups are also hard to do to as G+ shadow bans you very easy. I got shadowed before MP posting in only 5 groups per day and they were a link to my legit blog.

FYI, MP patched Tumblr to follow correctly. It is still fairly popular, so hopefully something can come out of that.

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There is a lot of truth to this. @Johnny and @Adnan pointed out some good points on it being dead and what-not for the core usage of what MP is about. There are a quite a few positive things about the G+ Network if you’re into ranking a site or getting some Google love in my experience.

Here is an oldie but a goodie from Mr. Cutts that gives you a little more on the whole philosophy of how Google looks at FB, Twitter, G+ etc. It’s more about the SEO angle but it also gives a bit of insight on how they look at authoritative and fleshed out (Identity) Google Accounts.

PS: Not that I look at what Cutts says in 90% as truthful and the whole story. There are things if you read between the lines and use your own reasoning that make sense (especially when you test):smirk:


interesting bit @Fonzie , hadn’t seen this one. However he’s a little besides the point if you ask me. He said that they won’t crawl a fb or twitter page to see how many followers they have to better rank a site for that. But they don’t have to do that, they can simply check how many signals each page has on social media, like those share bars addons on wordpress that show how many of each signal you have on fb,g+ and so on, they don’t need to crawl anything, the social platforms give that info easy so it might be like this, the more g+ you have for a site, the more love from google :slight_smile: …i’m not saying it’s 100% like this, but it’s so easy to do that I do think it’s a factor.