Any one got massive phone verification today?

do any of you got phone verifications today ie,on 21 june.
all accounts are having diffrent proxies.
i have got almost 25 pv tdy! anyone else?

9 accounts got verifired,and the other ones got blocked while doing pv

Check what is leaking in your setup.

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nothing here.

I got one massive ban + pva on more than 40 accounts, but that was 5 days ago, plus all my proxies now ask for captcha, I’ve had these same proxies for like 6 months or so, it’s crazy how instagram works, but I’m pretty sure they targeted me instead of trying to fuck everyone else, specially because I had 140 accounts.

Something is leaking for sure. If you get in on a batch of accs, then something must’ve linked it together.

There are so many triggers. All the way from the top.

Acc creation
Acc actions

For anyone who buys accs, that’s your biggest footprint. You don’t know how it was created, and what IP is used. Don’t be surprised if you bought 100 accs and all 100 accs gets PV.

If you put 10 acc to proxy provider A, 10 to proxy provider B, and that 10 is bought from seller A and 10 from seller B, what are your chances of all 20 of them gets PV together?

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acc creation, 1 per ip (so not that)
acc actions, only follow and I have the option to not follow same people enabled
domain, yep, that’s probably it, all domains are different but all are pointing to the same ip, so could be that, but if it’s that why did I not lose all my accounts?
Proxies, 1 per ig acc, so no way.
Numbers, could be… I don’t use real sims, never did because I always got away with it by using ukraine numbers from a russian site.

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You might be surprised, you may miss even the tiniest of details, always look deep into your setup, every hole there is. They use machine algo, humanly there’s only that many things you can do.


I did got hundreds of PV today , no worries just such a hassle doing it :slight_smile:

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did it got safely validated or blocked?

I would say 80% are safe and 20% are blocked, at least that’s my case

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what type of pv u did?

count me in too today:)

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Also me, more than 60% of my accs.

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what type of pv are there?


Got 2 accounts PVed. Good thing it was recovered fast

Have around 30 accounts. None get PV

I got a PVA wave and 3 accounts banned today.
I don’t believe instagram does PVA/BAN waves,that anti-bot system is alway working,it just targets different parts of the network.Eventualy it will find you ,then it will move to the next.I had the exact same thing happen 3 months ago on almost all the same accounts.
Next wave should be in september for my accounts,curious to see if i meet my predictions.

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Mine went down on the 15th… had 12 picked off. Got 'em all back tho.

I had 2 today… I tried to recover them with the browser on my phone using 4g. With one of the accounts this didn’t work. After entering the phonenumber I was redirected to the loginscreen several times. But with the app I was able to recover it!